President Xi Jinping ordered relevant departments and local governments to ensure high-quality preparation for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games to make it a "remarkable, extraordinary, excellent" event.


2017-01-24 08:03 GMT+8

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang stressed that China is very interested in potential cooperation within the framework of the Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.
The Guangzhou Railway Station is the most hectic station in south China. Since January 13, when the New Year travel rush kicked off, more than 130 trains set off from there every day, sending nearly 140,000 people home.
Visitors were delighted to find 12 new Antarctic penguins at Shengya Ocean World in Dalian, northeast China's Liaoning Province. The Chinstrap Penguin, which mainly lives in Antarctica, is noted for the narrow black band under its head, which makes it appear as if it is wearing a black helmet. Each measuring 40 cm to 50 cm in height, the cute creatures have deeply impressed visitors. There are more than 150 penguins at Shengya Ocean World. Their appearance has brought happiness to visitors during the Chinese New Year holiday.