Brian Salter

‘The Point with Liu Xin’ Producer

Brian Salter began his career in the BBC, where for years he produced and presented features and current affairs programs on the World Service, as well as being an editor in both the domestic radio and TV newsrooms.

He left the BBC to join Heathrow Airport as Media Relations Manager immediately following the bombing of PanAm 103 over Lockerbie where he was responsible for improving relations with the resident press.

Following positions as Communications Director in a number of other blue-chip companies, he started his own consultancy giving training on PR, marketing communications, journalism and the introduction of internet technology for business use.

In 1999 he took up his first job in Saudi Arabia, where he subsequently worked for eight years, eventually running his own consultancy and acting as a news anchor and current affairs presenter on Saudi Television (KSA2).

After four years in Abu Dhabi and Dubai where he worked in Public Relations, magazines and TV news, he moved to Beijing in 2010, working as a journalist for China Daily before crossing over to CGTN.

To date Brian has also written 34 books.