Cheng Lei

Business News Anchor

Cheng Lei anchors the Global Business show on CGTN. As well as presenting the show, she drives content innovation, contributes to guest-booking and is involved with special projects.

Her fifteen year-long journalism career began at CGTN’s predecessor, CCTVNEWS in 2002, where she presented the “Financial Review” and “BizChina” shows.

Before returning to CGTN in 2012, Cheng spent nine years as the China correspondent for CNBC Asia. In that role, she reported on all things China business related and contributed to the Chinese programming of CNBC’s partners SMG and CBN. While at CNBC, she won a bronze award for “China, the Next Lap” series at the New York festivals in 2008.

Prior to becoming a journalist, Cheng was a business analyst for a Sino-Australian joint venture in Shandong province, a position that took her back to China in 2001.

Cheng was an accountant and financial analyst for Cadbury Schweppes and ExxonMobil in Australia from 1995-2000. She graduated from the University of Queensland with a commerce degree. She is a certified practicing accountant and an accredited translator from Chinese to English.