Peninah Karibe

News Anchor

Journalism is many things to Peninah Karibe. It is sometimes exciting and adventurous. In others, it is a serious profession that requires tremendous responsibility and accountability.

Peninah has been a journalist for close to 20 years, having started in radio, in the Kenyan state broadcaster, KBC. She eventually branched out to television, a medium that has given her the most exposure so far in her career.

In her time at CGTN, Peninah has witnessed first-hand the horror that conflicts and unresolved disputes cause to human beings, while covering events in the eastern DRC and the Central African Republic. She has also seen boundless humanity, clearly demonstrated in eastern Chad, where locals willingly share their meagre resources with refugees. These are some of the things that give meaning to her work. A profession that gives her an opportunity to learn new things every day and share them with the viewers.