Ecuadorean exit polls put ruling party leftist Lenin Moreno clearly ahead in Sunday's presidential election, although it was unclear whether he had enough votes to avoid an April runoff against conservative ex-banker Guillermo Lasso.


2017-02-20 08:10 GMT+8

Surveillance footage purportedly showing the attack that killed Kim Jong Nam has been released, in which Kim is seen walking in a suit inside the Kuala Lumpur airport. A few minutes later, a woman is seen approaching him from behind and putting a cloth up to his mouth. The attacker is assisted by another female suspect, and Kim died shortly thereafter. Malaysian police say they are now looking for four DPRK nationals who flew out of Malaysia on the day of Kim's death. Four other suspects have already been arrested in connection with the case, including one DPRK citizen.
A SpaceX spacecraft has blasted off from NASA's Kennedy Space Station in Florida. It is the first time SpaceX has launched a rocket from the Kennedy Space Center. The first attempted launch was scrapped on Saturday, 13 seconds before lift-off, due to concerns about the rocket's steering system.
With less than one week to go before the official start of Rio's carnival, even the dogs are getting in on the fun. For 14 years, the "Blacão" - a play on the words bloco meaning "street party", and cão, meaning dog - has invited the city's canines and their owners to celebrate together on Copacabana beach. This event is a street party for the family, where dog owners can bring their dogs with them.