‍"I thought I was a social outcast.

2017-04-21 21:30 GMT+8


2017-03-20 12:13 GMT+8

CGTN interviewed two girls - one a plastic surgery veteran, and the other, a new hand who has recently had her first cosmetic operation. Follow our cameras to learn about their rationale for seeking beauty under the knife, and glimpse how far the cosmetic business has forged its way into Chinese culture.

2017-03-03 16:49 GMT+8

"I know we will have a wonderful life together,

2017-02-14 13:20 GMT+8

‍“People asked me, will it work?

2017-02-11 12:30 GMT+8

Would you try some bread made by mentally ill patients?

2017-01-25 16:39 GMT+8

Hitting the open road, grabbing a saxophone and making a living on talent and wits is the start of many a novel. 

2017-01-19 20:34 GMT+8

‍Story by CGTN reporters Tian Yi and Zhang Wanbao 

2017-01-06 22:55 GMT+8

A grey-haired old man with a shirtless torso stole the show at China Fashion Week in Beijing on March 25, 2015. 

2017-01-12 16:35 GMT+8

It was pouring outside. Rain was making a ruckus as it tapped on the window. The noise, natural as it was, dwindled inside the room as a sense of serenity prevailed. 

2016-04-21 17:50 GMT+8

Ask any gay man in urban China what social media platforms he most frequently uses and there is a fair chance he will be among the 27 million users of Blued, a startup application launched by an entrepreneur with 16 years’ experience negotiating the challenges of running LGBT websites in the country.

2016-09-10 18:15 GMT+8

Inside the collaborative workspace that embraces full occupancy rates after the industry went through a market bubble.

2016-12-30 18:14 GMT+8

Suddenly everyone is talking about artificial intelligence; the victory of AlphaGo over a human Go champion made the world realize that scenarios from science fiction films are close to being replicated in real life. Under this context, 35-year-old computer scientist and tech startup entrepreneur Xu Li shared his professional outlook of AI’s transformation through the data age and explained to us why the darling of the scientific world is still at the toddler stage.

2016-04-28 15:30 GMT+8

From a traveler to an entrepreneur, Du Mengjie typifies the new Chinese businessman – someone for whom success lies in growth as much as it does in the pursuit of a passion.

2016-03-03 16:15 GMT+8

Seven years ago, Zhu Rui’s mother fell sick. Doctors failed to establish a diagnosis as the medical imagery was not clear. Zhu, an Optical Sciences student, was decisive to take advantage of his skills. He visualized a product that would promote diagnosis accuracy so others would benefit from imaging innovation, which his mother could not enjoy.

2016-04-07 17:30 GMT+8