China Unknown

2017-10-16 17:27 GMT+8

The Great Wall is one of the world’s biggest tourist attractions, 10 million people visit the massive structure each year.

2017-11-21 09:29 GMT+8

When it comes to professional compensation around the globe, women earn about 30 percent less than their male colleagues.  

2017-11-14 09:16 GMT+8

Beer is the oldest and most widely consumed beverage on the planet. With over 10,000 breweries now in the world, one might ask who invented it and when? The origin of beer was often up for debate until a team of researchers dug deep into Chinese history to unearth clues to beer’s beginnings.

2017-11-04 09:21 GMT+8

Ketchup is a staple in the Western diet, but its origins are rooted in the East – in ancient China to be exact. 

2017-11-04 10:01 GMT+8

Pandas are right at the top of the cuteness scale, but they're also an important part of China's global diplomacy. These precocious bears are cultural ambassadors carrying out panda diplomacy, which refers to China's gifting of pandas to other countries.

2017-10-21 08:35 GMT+8

Suzhou, northwest of Shanghai, is a mecca for garden lovers. Its classical gardens date back a thousand years, with 69 sites still preserved today.

2017-10-20 15:51 GMT+8

On September 21, 2017, China increased the maximum speed of its bullet trains on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway to 350 km/h.

2017-10-16 14:30 GMT+8

In 2015, over 1.1 billion people in the world smoked tobacco. With more than 300 million smokers in China, about one in every three cigarettes in the world is consumed in China.

2017-10-16 13:17 GMT+8

China is one of the most polluted countries in the world. But now an unlikely method is being used to track down air pollution culprits. 

2017-10-16 12:56 GMT+8

Bicycles are an age-old mode of transportation, but bicycle sharing is a modern-day trend that is gaining popularity worldwide. 

2017-10-16 12:46 GMT+8

Ever wanted to go to Paris? How about Venice, London or Jackson Hole?

2017-10-16 11:06 GMT+8