The 1.3 Billion

2017-07-19 15:50 GMT+8

In 2003, Tian Zhiwei saved 13 large wild birds from death. He fed each a kilogram of fish every day, going through three metric tons of fish in the six months that followed. An ornithologist informed him that the birds were oriental white storks, which have a population of less than 3,000 worldwide. They prefer Poyang and Dongting lakes in China for wintering, and Far East Russia for breeding.

2018-11-18 17:49 GMT+8

A type of extreme sport, wing-suit flying is skydiving with a special flying squirrel suit. The skydivers jump out of the plane, fly all the way with their wings before opening the parachute at an ideal altitude.

2018-11-11 16:22 GMT+8

Located in the Songzhuang Artist Village (a famous artist community in Beijing), there is a silent Sichuan cuisine restaurant whose employees are mostly hearing-impaired. Here, customers write down their orders, and it's even better when they know sign language. In any case, it's not like other Sichuan restaurants, which can get noisy.  

2018-11-13 16:31 GMT+8

With a camera around his neck, this wandering old gentleman is, however, no tourist at all, but a Beijing native. His photographic journey through the city's famous hutongs started in the 1980s, when he hung around, trying to capture any interesting views. His neighbors used to think of he had a screw loose.

2018-11-06 16:06 GMT+8

Gastrointestinal surgeon Zhou Shuyang became an online celebrity for his medical illustrations thanks to the super-realistic heart he drew in February last year.

2018-11-04 13:12 GMT+8

Imagine this: a train passing through a tunnel, going along the river into the forest before heading for the sea-crossing bridge; eventually, it takes a U-turn on the turntable and pulls into the station, waiting for more passengers before it rolls away again – all this happens in a 330-square-meter courtyard.

2018-10-30 19:14 GMT+8

Starting as a commercial photographer, Wang Rong, the emotion photographer, has been in the business for eight years.

2018-10-28 13:33 GMT+8

Yang Miao was born in a village of Dong brocade weavers. Her childhood clothes were all made by her mother, and the patterns came from the daily life of members of the Dong ethnic minority.

2018-10-23 18:15 GMT+8

As an old Chinese saying goes, Futile as drawing water with a sieve. In Hunan Province's Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, however, the work is feasible as someone makes bamboo baskets that can hold water. It is Hu Tingxian, inheritor of Xiangxi bamboo weaving.

2018-10-21 14:51 GMT+8

They can't see the music sheets, nor any of the instruments.

2018-10-15 19:01 GMT+8

Hawk, 50, is a car mechanic in Chengdu, capital of China's southwest Sichuan Province. Unlike most of his peers, he focuses on off-road rally cars.

2018-10-07 10:42 GMT+8

In 2016, 48-year-old Liu Yelin went viral. She seldom surfed the internet, and had no idea she was one of the hot topics, until a friend showed her the news.

2018-10-02 17:10 GMT+8

Listed as a World Cultural Heritage in 2008, tulou or earthen buildings are unique rural dwellings in the mountainous area in east China's Fujian Province. 

2018-09-30 18:40 GMT+8

Guo Hongsheng, 70, has lived with his descendants in northwest China's Xi'an City for over a decade.

2018-09-25 17:15 GMT+8

The seniors grow old as fast as the children grow up.

2018-09-23 11:27 GMT+8

Liu Hongwen, born in 1938, is a retired middle school teacher. Yet she is also a Weibo celebrity and a Gooner (nickname for a fan of Arsenal). Her ID is Grandma Liu the Gooner.

2018-09-19 21:48 GMT+8

Weicheng Town is under the administration of Guiyang City, capital of China's southwestern Guizhou Province. The area has nearly 30,000 residents, some of whom live in villages scattered around the mountains. 

2018-09-16 14:08 GMT+8

Ke Qingjiang is an 83-year-old man who has spent his entire life playing Nanyin music. He has sometimes forgotten to brush teeth, but never forgets to take part in Nanyin activities. He has mastered many Nanyin melodies, and is able to play all kinds of Nanyin instruments. Even at the age of 83, he never stops practicing Nanyin.

2018-09-11 15:34 GMT+8

Located in Jianshi County, Enshi Prefecture, Central China's Hubei Province, Dashahe village is named after the river that flows across it.

2018-09-09 13:30 GMT+8

In the 1970s, watching movies was one of the few sources of entertainment in China. The minute the simple screen was set up, people gathered around waiting for the film projectionist to turn on the two-hour magical journey of the motion pictures.

2018-09-04 16:05 GMT+8

Located in the south of Zhejiang Province's Wenzhou city, Pingyang County is the hometown of the amazing provincial intangible cultural heritage: the Pingyang puppet show.

2018-09-02 09:00 GMT+8

Mr. Xu Zhilin, with grey beard and hair but a muscular body, makes it hard to believe he is 63 years old.

2018-08-28 19:27 GMT+8

Stretching and touching are one of the basic forms of human's communication with the outside world.

2018-08-26 12:31 GMT+8

Situated in northern Fujian Province, the rugged and precipitous Wuyi Mountains is home of the Wuyi rock tea. 

2018-08-21 20:43 GMT+8