US midterms 2018

2018-10-25 21:34 GMT+8

Mississippi will vote in the final midterm of the 2018 U.S. election cycle on Tuesday, a Senate runoff poll marred by a racial controversy that the Republicans are desperate to win.

2018-11-27 19:33 GMT+8

As one election cycle closes, another begins in the United States. The final 2018 midterm results are still trickling in, but campaigning is already underway for the 2020 presidential election.

2018-11-23 19:54 GMT+8

Rick Scott, Florida's outgoing governor, was declared the winner on Sunday of his hard-fought US Senate race against incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson following a hand recount of ballots, giving Republicans control of both of the state's Senate seats for the first time since the 19th century.

2018-11-19 09:27 GMT+8

Though the majority of the Capitol after the midterm elections has been set in stone, eight congressional seats and two Senate seats still remain undecided. President Donald Trump has abruptly accused officials of voter fraud in Florida via Twitter with no evidence. In Mississippi, neither Democratic challenger Mike Espy nor Republican Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith reached over half of the votes.

2018-11-15 16:28 GMT+8

US President Donald Trump on Monday urged Florida election officials to end a recount and declare his fellow Republicans the winners of disputed races in last week's midterm elections as a judge urged both parties to be careful with claims of fraud.

2018-11-13 08:18 GMT+8

Florida is once again at the center of election controversy with the state's high profile Senate and governor races – which looked to be heading into Republican hands – set for mandatory recounts.

2018-11-11 14:53 GMT+8

The results of the US midterm elections have split Congress between the two parties. The Democratic Party controls the House of Representatives, while the Republican Party held onto the Senate.

2018-11-09 14:48 GMT+8

Editor's note: Ashok Sajjanhar is the president of the Institute of Global Studies in India, and former Indian ambassador to Kazakhstan, Sweden, and Latvia. The article reflects the author's views, and not necessarily those of CGTN.

2018-11-08 22:31 GMT+8

‍As the dust settles on the 2018 US midterm election, some major trends have emerged: more women than ever before will enter Congress, while young voters turned out in droves at polling stations.

2018-11-08 19:52 GMT+8

The American people handed over their first official verdict on Donald Trump's two-year presidency over a heart-stirring Tuesday night. As widely predicted, Democrats unseated Republicans in the House of Representatives and Republicans expanded their Senate majority, resulting in a split Congress. It's the first time that Democrats won the lower house in eight years, and also the first time they regained the House but not the Senate in midterm elections since the Great Depression.

2018-11-08 16:41 GMT+8

US stocks traded higher on Wednesday after the results of the country's midterm elections came out as expected.

2018-11-08 08:59 GMT+8

Editor's Note:  Wang Dong is deputy executive director at the Institute for China-US People-to-People Exchange under Peking University. The article reflects the author's views, and not necessarily those of CGTN.

2018-11-07 23:04 GMT+8

Editor's Note: Tom Fowdy is a UK-based political analyst. The article reflects the author's views, and not necessarily those of CGTN.

2018-11-07 18:41 GMT+8

Female voters are considered key, and many are energized by the #MeToo movement. A record number of women are running for office in the 2018 US midterm elections.

2018-11-07 18:13 GMT+8

The Democrats will take control of the House of Representatives after flipping multiple seats in suburban America in Tuesday's midterm elections but suffered losses in the Senate as the Republicans increased their majority.

2018-11-07 14:52 GMT+8

A historic batch of US senators, representatives and governors will be taking office following Tuesday's elections: among them, the country's first Muslim and Native American congresswomen, the first openly gay governor and the youngest woman ever to enter Congress.   

2018-11-07 14:09 GMT+8

One West Coast state could decide the future of the US House of Representatives. Voters in California are deciding several key races.

2018-11-07 10:16 GMT+8

Wall Street’s major indexes closed higher on Tuesday as voters headed to the polls in US midterm congressional elections and investors hoped the result would provide some relief for stocks after prolonged uncertainty.

2018-11-07 08:03 GMT+8

‍Democrats have taken control of the House of Representatives, and the Republicans have retained the Senate in the US midterm elections.

2018-11-07 07:47 GMT+8

A divided government is a real possibility in the United States, and the House of Representatives is the most likely chamber to swing from Republican to Democratic control in Tuesday's midterm elections.

2018-11-06 22:55 GMT+8

Over 35 million voters nationwide have already cast their votes in 2018 US midterm early voting, according to NBC.

2018-11-06 19:16 GMT+8

Just hours before millions of voters head to polls for 2018 US midterm elections, both Republicans and Democrats are making their final pitches. 

2018-11-06 17:18 GMT+8

Editor's note: Gong Ting is an Assistant Research Fellow with China Institute of International Studies. The article reflects the author's opinion, and not necessarily the views of CGTN.

2018-11-06 15:29 GMT+8

Two years after US President Donald Trump entered the White House, Americans will vote in another round of elections on November 6 – the midterms.

2018-11-06 12:01 GMT+8

US stocks closed mixed on Monday as investors got ready for the upcoming midterm elections.

2018-11-06 08:09 GMT+8