New Generation

2018-05-01 15:10 GMT+8

Pan Shuguang, 29, drives a truck to earn a living. For every truckload of construction materials he transports to a location just a few dozen meters down a twisting alleyway, he gets paid 50 yuan (around eight US dollars). 

2018-05-05 14:15 GMT+8

A traditional Chinese saying goes, a man forms a family before building his own career. But a growing number of youngsters in China are saying that they want to skip the first step, once and for all.

2018-05-04 22:43 GMT+8

I am very heartened by the young volunteers of China. What I see is that they are so engaged, and so enthusiastic, and always ready to give more. Even the volunteers we’re working with on a specific program – what I see is that many times, they think out of the box. They’re thinking not just what the tasks that they are asked, but how else they can contribute, what else they can do.

2018-05-05 22:14 GMT+8

The Chinese character zhai means home or residence. Now it’s taken on a new meaning – and is being used to describe people, particularly some who were born in the 1990s who spend a lot of time indoors. 

2018-05-03 17:01 GMT+8

Nothing but nerves as our car winds up the mountainside on our way to the village.

2018-05-03 22:54 GMT+8

Coming to English training school for IELTS training has become a weekend routine for Ren Yishu, a senior student from the University of Science and Technology, over the past few months. For her, it’s great for bringing her one step closer to realizing a dream she's had since she was a teenager.

2018-05-02 17:46 GMT+8

China is embracing a rise of the subculture called ACG, which is short for anime, comic and games. The change underlines a great demographic shift as China’s millennials grow into independent consumers.

2018-05-02 20:22 GMT+8

What exactly makes someone a millennial or a member of Generation Y? Some of the defining characteristics of people born between 1980-1995, are that they're independent, optimistic, and unwilling to follow traditional life milestones, such as marriage. Some have even deemed them the me generation. 

2018-05-01 15:08 GMT+8

At the Tiankai Temple, 70 kilometers outside of Beijing, 29-year old Master Hengci chants twice a day. He spent seven years abroad, before turning to Buddhism.

2018-04-27 11:46 GMT+8