The Inspirers

2018-09-19 15:57 GMT+8

Ways of helping refugees are not limited to providing aid. In Malawi, an organization called “There is Hope” is trying to help them through offering vocational training.

2019-02-23 21:53 GMT+8

Just like any other developing country, Pakistan is facing growing problems with waste disposal. Karachi has some of the filthiest communities, and many say the situation is getting worse with each passing day. However, no matter where you go, there's always somebody who's willing to make extraordinary personal sacrifices for the good of their community.

2019-02-16 11:51 GMT+8

A retired doctor in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is making the most out of his free time by giving back to society. 

2019-01-25 21:56 GMT+8

Equestrian therapy was developed in Cuba for nearly 20 years now. It's a form of therapy that makes use of horses to help promote emotional growth. It's also been shown to benefit people with a variety of conditions, from attention deficit disorder and autism – to brain injuries and physical paralysis.

2019-01-19 13:07 GMT+8

Konishiki Yasokichi was a well-known Hawaii-born sumo champion in Japan. He was the first non-Japanese-born wrestler to reach ōzeki, the second-highest rank in the sport, and also the heaviest wrestler ever. 

2019-01-18 13:53 GMT+8

Drug abuse is a problem that affects millions in South Africa and often is the reason why people commit crime. But many communities across the rainbow nation, including Roshnee outside of Johannesburg, have started initiatives like Together We Can that educate and create awareness about the dangers of drug addiction. 

2019-01-12 17:40 GMT+8

The unemployment crisis in South Africa continues to worsen.

2018-12-16 09:37 GMT+8

One of China's greatest challenges is balancing economic development with environmental protection, even in the country's remote areas.

2018-09-14 21:52 GMT+8

A restaurateur in Washington DC is helping refugees around the world. Ahmad Ashkar is donating some of the proceeds from his falafel shop to feed refugees, while also giving his customers a taste of Palestinian cuisine.

2018-09-08 14:04 GMT+8

Little acts of kindness can go a long way. On this week's The Inspirers, CGTN reporter Yolisa Njamela visited a company in South Africa that has developed a game-changing mobile application, which utilizes the collective purchase power of local convenience store owners to expand their profit margins.

2018-09-01 17:51 GMT+8

A non-profit school is offering refuge to young people from the poor areas of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela.

2018-08-18 22:57 GMT+8

In Colombia's capital, two football teams split the city's allegiance. But with a little bit of teamwork, two opposing fans show how friendship and respect can win out.

2018-07-28 10:52 GMT+8

Many Chinese families evade the topic of death – hoping its absence from conversation can somehow postpone its happening indefinitely.

2018-06-09 10:54 GMT+8

Chung To is a social entrepreneur who has supported thousands of children with HIV and AIDS and also those whose parents have passed away because of the disease.

2018-05-20 10:38 GMT+8