Brexit Countdown

2019-01-15 09:16 GMT+8

Britons are due to vote in European Parliament elections on May 23, putting Theresa May's Conservative Party in a tricky position. 

2019-04-29 16:35 GMT+8

The British and Irish governments announced a resumption on Friday of talks to restore Northern Ireland's devolved government, spurred into ending a hiatus in dialogue of more than a year by the killing of a journalist last week.

2019-04-27 08:01 GMT+8

British employers are most worried about the economy since the 2016 Brexit referendum, but they also plan to hire extra staff, according to a survey that showed the surprising strength of the job market.

2019-04-24 08:08 GMT+8

A top member of Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative Party will tell her in the coming week that she must step down by the end of June or her lawmakers will try again to depose her, the Sunday Times reported, without citing sources.

2019-04-21 09:35 GMT+8

EU summit chair Donald Tusk called on Tuesday for the dream that Britain might give up on leaving the European Union not to be dismissed and urged politicians not to let exhaustion with Brexit negotiations make for a hasty exit.

2019-04-16 17:04 GMT+8

A growing number of large British-based businesses are prioritizing cashflow, fearing a downturn, as their view of the long-term economic impact of Brexit has darkened to its most negative so far, accountancy firm Deloitte said on Monday.

2019-04-15 10:59 GMT+8

The six-month delay of Britain's exit from the EU avoids the terrible outcome of a no-deal Brexit that would further pressure a slowing global economy but does nothing to lift uncertainty over the final outcome, the head of the International Monetary Fund said on Thursday.

2019-04-12 10:44 GMT+8

EU leaders agreed on Thursday to delay Brexit until the end of October, with a review in June.

2019-04-11 07:14 GMT+8

The United Kingdom and the European Union (EU), married for more than 40 years, are on the verge of separation. On June 23, 2016, the whole world was shocked when Britons voted to leave the EU. The UK then dispatched its new prime minister, Theresa May, to negotiate a Brexit divorce deal. After two years of talk, a compromise agreement was struck — only for the British parliament to reject it twice.

2019-03-28 18:07 GMT+8

Will it, won't it, when? Continued confusion over Brexit in the United Kingdom has frustrated many small and medium sized start-up firms. They once saw the UK as their European gateway and a stepping stone to international markets. But with big questions now around costs and regulations, some are packing up for less risky locations to set up base. 

2019-04-16 14:10 GMT+8

The fishing boats make their way ashore with the morning high tide, with swarms of seagulls surrounding the fresh catch. They land at a pebbled beach in Hastings, on the south coast of England, where the boats are winched up slowly and painstakingly.

2019-04-04 06:16 GMT+8

Hugh Broomb's family has farmed the fields beneath the picturesque Surrey Hills for generations. He tends to his herd of black Aberdeen Angus cattle every morning, pouring feed into a trough and shifting a wire fence to extend the grazing area. It seems idyllic, but with political confusion over the final outcome of Britain's departure from the European Union (EU), farmers are frustrated.

2019-03-28 21:15 GMT+8

The nation is split almost down the middle over the European Union – with 51.9 percent voting to leave the bloc in the 2016 referendum and 48.1 percent voting to remain. Three years on, divisions linger, with big implications for the UK's two biggest political parties.

2019-03-27 15:22 GMT+8

Britain will hold a series of indicative votes in parliament on Wednesday in the hope of finding a way out of the Brexit deadlock. A series of options will be put to MPs, who will vote for or against each in the hope of finding one backed by a majority.

2019-03-26 16:59 GMT+8

The vote by British MPs to take control of the Brexit process away from the government – for a day – opens up a raft of possibilities and new uncertainties.

2019-03-26 11:58 GMT+8

‍With just a week to go until Britain is due to meet the legal limbo of Brexit next Friday, the country's economy is in the face of mixed signals of slowing growth and low unemployment, with crowds of enterprises in a rush to getting away and hordes of Chinese investors coming in.

2019-03-25 09:14 GMT+8

Since an in/out referendum was proposed in 2013, leaving the EU has become a tough and endless issue for Britain as well as for the European bloc. Several ministers, even the then-prime minister, have resigned and different versions of Brexit plans, including a Meaningful vote two, have been conducted over the six years. As for Theresa May, who leads the Brexit and has survived votes of no confidence, she is trying to realize her promise – Brexit means Brexit. 

2019-03-25 14:59 GMT+8

The British government on Monday called for realism after parliament grabbed control of Brexit.

2019-03-26 08:50 GMT+8

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is an array of infrastructure products aiming to consolidate China's economic ties with Asian and Eurasian countries with investments of four to eight trillion U.S. dollars. 

2019-03-24 08:23 GMT+8

Tens of thousands of people opposed to Britain's withdrawal from the European Union gathered to march through central London on Saturday to demand a new referendum as the deepening Brexit crisis risked sinking Prime Minister Theresa May's premiership.

2019-03-23 22:10 GMT+8

Politicians in the United Kingdom continue to negotiate an exit from the European Union, which has become a global talking point recently, but they are not the only ones debating the merits of Brexit.

2019-03-19 21:47 GMT+8

The UK plunged deeper into political chaos after parliament rejected Theresa May's Brexit proposals for the second time and a day later also voted against leaving the European Union without a deal.

2019-03-16 16:39 GMT+8

Daniel Harries joined the campaigners who gathered as UK lawmakers held their key Brexit votes. Here he gives a flavor of the mood. With contributing reporting from Linh Nguyen.

2019-03-15 15:36 GMT+8

With the UK still on course to leave the European Union in just over two weeks, the UK will see a series of decisive votes this week. 

2019-03-14 11:22 GMT+8

The vote to leave the EU is driving a wedge between families as well as politicians, finds Nosmot Gbadamosi

2019-03-14 15:24 GMT+8

Imagine that you have lived, worked, started a family and built a life in a country which you now call home. And all of a sudden, your rights to do all these things are questioned and soon going to change. Will life be the same?

2019-03-14 16:44 GMT+8

With Brexit day looming, UK businesses are giving up the guesswork.

2019-03-12 20:32 GMT+8

The planned date to leave the EU coincides with the UK's annual period of low crop production, which is putting the nation's food security at risk.

2019-03-08 22:34 GMT+8

‍I am one of the 200,000 Britons to have applied for an Irish passport in the wake of the vote to leave the EU. A week ago, I got to use it. 

2019-03-12 16:38 GMT+8

It is a crucial week for the Brexit process in the UK Parliament. By the end of it, Theresa May hopes lawmakers will have agreed to leave the European Union according to the terms negotiated by her government over the past two years or so.

2019-03-12 12:58 GMT+8

Theresa May faces a crunch week that will decide the fate of her deal to leave the EU, and the shape of Britain's future. Nilay Syam explains the complicated process that could unfold for MPs voting on the issue.

2019-03-09 15:08 GMT+8

Editor's note: Thom Brooks is the dean of Durham Law School and a professor of Law and Government at Durham University. The article reflects the author's opinions, and not necessarily the views of CGTN.

2019-04-20 17:00 GMT+8

Worse storms are brewing for the vocally anti-Brexit, ‘Remain'-supporting parties. The fear for them lies both in their own lack of preparedness for these elections, but also in the opposition they face.

2019-04-19 17:51 GMT+8

The British government attempts to woo Japan politically as Brexit damages trade relations between the two countries.

2019-04-17 22:16 GMT+8

A second referendum will become the only game in town, and the UK government may no longer have a choice in the matter.

2019-04-16 17:45 GMT+8

Giving the UK more time but without any plan for how this time will be spent differently than before does not make Britain's choices much easier.

2019-04-12 08:52 GMT+8

"London" is synonymous with the term "global financial center." With its history, expertise, location and position as an EU gateway, the city is a hub for banking, foreign-exchange and insurance industries from across the world. But Britain's long-running divorce drama with the EU has put this status in jeopardy.

2019-04-12 16:29 GMT+8

Europe is watching, and so of course is the public.

2019-04-11 11:32 GMT+8

Knight Frank, a global property consultancy, has just released its 2019 Wealth Report, which says that whether it's a hard Brexit, no Brexit or Brexit-lite, London will remain the leading global wealth center in 2019.   

2019-04-09 22:58 GMT+8

The Prime Minister has made clear that she simply will not consider changing the Withdrawal Agreement deal that has already lost three times in Parliament. It raises the question of how there can be a compromise when the weaker party is refusing to change their position.

2019-04-09 07:32 GMT+8

The situation is pretty urgent for the UK.

2019-04-08 18:29 GMT+8

We should be clear that without an understanding of the deeper logic embedded within the UK's political game there is no hope of grasping the present predicament.

2019-04-06 11:55 GMT+8

On Friday British Prime Minister Theresa May wrote to European Leaders requesting a delay to Britain's departure date up until the June 30, aiming to get her withdrawal agreement ratified by the House of Commons before that time.

2019-04-06 16:44 GMT+8

Having tried repeatedly to get her Brexit deal through at Westminster, UK Prime Minister Theresa May is now resorting, at last, to other measures.

2019-04-05 11:08 GMT+8

British MPs Wednesday voted narrowly in favor of legislation that would force the government to seek to delay Brexit beyond the current April 12 deadline. The vote passed by just one – 313 votes in favor and 312 against – in the lower House of Commons and the bill will now pass to the upper House of Lords for final approval on Thursday.

2019-04-04 18:11 GMT+8

The Vote Leave campaign caused one of the biggest political surprises in modern British history under the slogan of "taking back control." Voters put their trust in Brexit over the full establishment of all main political leaders and business to deliver a better future.

2019-04-03 10:08 GMT+8

Theresa May's request for a "short Brexit extension" to get her deal through is likely to fall on deaf ears and come to the annoyance of EU leaders.

2019-04-03 12:18 GMT+8

The crisis as a whole is a damning indictment of British Parliamentary politics. Adversarial, divided and tribalistic, many MPs on all sides of the House are continuing to put their own political interests, stakes and point scoring against rivals, above the good of the country as a whole.

2019-04-02 14:26 GMT+8

There are conflicts between the political parties, and between the Brexiteers and the Remainers.

2019-03-31 07:56 GMT+8

With indefatigable May's Brexit deal rejected for the third time, the gripping drama continues to play.

2019-03-31 22:48 GMT+8

Currently, a no-deal Brexit is still one of the choices. British politicians are fighting to avoid this outcome, and the EU, despite its seeming indifference, would not be happy with a no-deal Brexit either.

2019-03-30 17:44 GMT+8

As the nation prepares for life after the EU, securing agreements with other countries is proving to be tougher than first thought.

2019-03-30 08:17 GMT+8

Editor's note: Tom Fowdy, who graduated with an MSc in Chinese Studies from Oxford University and majored in politics at Durham University, writes on the international relations of China and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. The article reflects the author's views, and not necessarily those of CGTN.

2019-03-30 12:10 GMT+8

By tying her job to the success of her deal, Theresa May herself has also chained down the UK.

2019-03-28 16:08 GMT+8

Theresa May's Brexit plan is folly just like what Barbara Tuchman describes in the book "The March of Folly: From Troy to Vietnam".

2019-03-28 17:54 GMT+8

Theresa May's days are surely numbered. Her Brexit has already long passed away. The Commons cannot change Britain's Brexit negotiating position, but they can hammer another coffin into her Brexit position and compel her to reconsider the political status quo.

2019-03-26 12:03 GMT+8

Bercow’s recent intervention in the Brexit debate highlights the continued importance of a 643-year-old British institution.

2019-03-25 22:33 GMT+8

Brexit has left nothing but chaos in Britain.

2019-03-25 21:20 GMT+8

The game of Brexit has now effectively become a two-player game, being played out directly between Britain and the EU, without any meaningful impact from May any more.

2019-03-25 15:08 GMT+8

UK-Japan cooperation has its own limitations as Japan's strategic gravity is confined to Asia whereas the UK's to Europe, and therefore, their rapport hardly leads to a formation of a full-fledged alliance.

2019-03-24 16:04 GMT+8

While these events are not a positive time for British democracy, it remains to be seen what reforms are ushered in once this issue is addressed to improve things for the better.

2019-03-23 21:08 GMT+8

British Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday began the mammoth struggle of persuading the UK parliament to back her Brexit deal after an EU summit granted her more time to change minds at home.

2019-03-23 10:39 GMT+8

Britain could leave the European Union without a Brexit deal on April 12 if lawmakers fail next week to back Prime Minister Theresa May's agreement with Brussels, EU leaders said after a crisis summit in Brussels on Thursday.

2019-03-22 08:01 GMT+8

People can almost certainly expect a crisis in the UK caused by Brexit.

2019-03-22 12:42 GMT+8

The UK government is facing a series of quandaries over how best to promote Britain's interests.

2019-03-21 08:16 GMT+8

British Prime Minister Theresa May will travel to Brussels on Thursday in the hope of persuading the leaders of the other 27 EU member states to agree to extend the Brexit date beyond March 29.

2019-03-20 18:01 GMT+8

Prime Minister Theresa May announced Wednesday she will not delay Britain's departure from the European Union beyond June, ruling out a further extension if MPs reject her Brexit deal.

2019-03-20 22:34 GMT+8

European leaders can either say no to an extension and see Britain crash out next week without a deal, sure to cause economic hardship, or they can agree to one and simply prolong a headless limbo which changes literally nothing.

2019-03-20 16:45 GMT+8

British Prime Minister Theresa May is writing to the EU to formally ask for Brexit to be postponed, one ministerial source told the BBC while No. 10 Downing Street said no decision had been made.

2019-03-20 08:30 GMT+8

Theresa May's hopes of finally passing her Brexit deal were dealt a fresh blow on Monday when it emerged that the British prime minister will not be allowed to put the agreement before MPs for a third time this parliamentary session unless there are fundamental changes to it.

2019-03-19 13:42 GMT+8

The perpetual game-playing, and endless permutations, strategies, and outcomes provide much excitement and fun for behavioral game-theorists, who are drawing up their complex game-trees and trying to assess the future equilibrium path of the Brexit game!

2019-03-18 12:10 GMT+8

Even if the vote for extension by Westminster is legal, and can be delivered in EU and UK Parliaments, the extension would not appease the disputes, but usher in new uncertainties and challenges.

2019-03-17 09:54 GMT+8

After the result that the UK leaving the EU without a deal is rejected and the planned exit date gets delayed has been revealed, how will China and the U.S. react to such a Brexit delay?

2019-03-16 20:11 GMT+8

Theresa May’s Brexit deal has been fiercely resisted by the hardline Brexiteers.

2019-03-15 17:56 GMT+8

Prime Minister Theresa May's deputy warned lawmakers Friday that unless they approved May's Brexit divorce deal after two crushing defeats, Britain's exit from the European Union (EU) could face a long delay.

2019-03-15 21:41 GMT+8

Editor's note: Bobby Naderi is a journalist, a current affairs commentator, a documentary filmmaker, and a member of the Writers Guild of Great Britain. The article reflects the author's opinions, and not necessarily the views of CGTN.

2019-03-14 10:01 GMT+8

This recent decision by MPs has not completely eliminated the possibility of a no-deal exit but pushed the matter into a stalemate in which MPs expect to lead the future negotiation with the EU.

2019-03-14 19:45 GMT+8

Brexit has now more political obstacles to climb over than before. Issues with May's deal and the party layout of the commons simply cannot produce Brexit as it stands.

2019-03-13 18:01 GMT+8

May's top priority is to mobilize her resources to convince Jacob Rees-Mogg from the Conservatives and Arlene Foster, leader of Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) in Northern Island, to back her deal.

2019-03-12 19:08 GMT+8

The general public in the UK is split on everything. Some people want the delay so they can negotiate a better deal, some people want no Brexit, some people want a Brexit now.

2019-03-02 22:42 GMT+8

It refers to the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. The word Brexit was created by taking the Br from the start of the word British and then adding it to the word exit. It was inspired by the word Grexit, which emerged to refer to earlier talk about Greece possibly leaving the euro.

2019-04-12 15:14 GMT+8

The euro held firm against the dollar on Thursday as hopes of a trade deal between the United States and China bolstered risk appetite globally, while the British pound was buoyed after the UK parliament approved legislation to seek a Brexit delay.

2019-04-04 12:09 GMT+8

A European Parliament committee on Wednesday backed giving Britons the right to travel to the European Union without visas after Brexit, following weeks of controversy over the way the draft legislation dubs Gibraltar a UK colony.

2019-04-03 18:22 GMT+8

Britain's chaotic exit from the European Union has cost the economy about 600 million pounds (784 million U.S. dollars) per week since the 2016 referendum, Goldman Sachs said on Monday in a report that underscores how Brexit uncertainty has dented investment.

2019-04-02 08:00 GMT+8

Discount airline easyJet warned Monday that the UK's pending withdrawal from the European Union is causing travelers to hold back on booking tickets amid doubts over what will be Britain's future relations with the bloc.

2019-04-02 14:00 GMT+8

The Irish border, once a symbol of hard-earned peace and political reconciliation, is now at the heart of the Brexit deadlock.

2019-03-23 09:28 GMT+8

Britain's image of a beer nation does not fall short of Germany's regarding consumption levels. According to statistics of previous years, Britain makes the top 20 of the world's biggest beer drinkers. In particular, British pub culture is one of the most prominent manifestations of the British beer sector. People can imagine how important beer is to the British.

2019-03-22 10:29 GMT+8

London Fashion Week Fall and Winter 2019 (LFW) dropped the curtain in February. In just four days, London impresses the world with its fascinating paradox: More gorgeous designs are emerging even the country is under the looms of Brexit. Its inclusion, with bold innovation and nostalgia embraced, are impressive as well. With more Chinese brands following the trend to the stage, the LFW has definitely more to offer.

2019-03-21 16:30 GMT+8

In the run-up to the Brexit, although Britain has been vacillating between delay and consent, we have to admit that Britain's departure involves almost every aspect of social life, including film industry.

2019-03-20 07:38 GMT+8

Britain has always been in a leading position in the art and design industry; a large part of the reason is due to the open introduction of overseas talents. However, the government's attitude so far after the Brexit referendum has made these talents extremely anxious, and the oscillations and generally unknowable situation of the British art industry have gradually emerged.

2019-03-19 09:48 GMT+8

Since the Brexit referendum on June 23, 2016, there have long been chaotic divorce negotiations with the EU, leading to widespread confusion and disruptions in many aspects.

2019-03-18 12:01 GMT+8

The ongoing Brexit chaos has led to the overall weak pound, making the UK a more affordable tourist destination. According to VisitBritain, the UK's official tourism website, the favorable exchange rate tends to draw more overseas visitors to the UK, especially those from India, China, USA and Canada. 

2019-03-17 11:04 GMT+8

From Brexit-inspired art to newspaper front pages leading up to Britain's 2016 referendum on European Union membership, a new London exhibition takes a look at the vote that has divided the nation ever since.

2019-03-15 18:13 GMT+8

Steve Wickenden stands out at Romford market. Wearing a bright red butchers hat and matching jacket, he jokes with people who are queuing at his stall to buy meat at bargain prices. His family has been running the business for more than 30 years. 

2019-03-11 15:02 GMT+8

The UK should have left the EU by now…

2019-04-11 12:27 GMT+8

Britain's Brexit-bound economy unexpectedly grew in February, helped by manufacturers rushing to meet orders from clients who are stockpiling goods ahead of the country's exit from the European Union, official data showed.

2019-04-10 18:44 GMT+8

The U.S. dollar held near two-week lows on Thursday as Federal Reserve minutes reinforced dovish policy expectations while the pound held recent ranges after European leaders extended the deadline for Britain to leave the union, averting a no-deal Brexit.

2019-04-11 11:14 GMT+8

European Council President Donald Tusk is proposing to make an offer of a 12-month flexible extension to the UK's Brexit date, the BBC reported on Friday, citing a senior European Union source.

2019-04-05 14:31 GMT+8

British Prime Minister Theresa May says the European Union has granted her "key request" to add an early exit clause to its agreement to a six-month Brexit extension. The UK and the EU agreed early Thursday to delay Brexit until October 31, but May said she wants to leave "as soon as possible."

2019-04-11 10:38 GMT+8

Reaching a Brexit compromise with the opposition Labour Party will not be easy, but both sides need to work together to deliver Brexit, British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Thursday.

2019-04-11 21:46 GMT+8

European Union leaders Wednesday meet in Brussels to grant Britain a second Brexit delay, with France pushing the hardest demands on London among the 27 states staying on together in the bloc.

2019-04-10 22:46 GMT+8

British Prime Minister Theresa May toured Berlin and Paris on Tuesday to ask for an extension to the deadline for Brexit, which looked increasingly likely to be approved by EU leaders at a crunch meeting in Brussels.

2019-04-09 22:45 GMT+8

No-deal, short delay, flextension, no Brexit?

2019-04-09 14:19 GMT+8

Britain's parliament approved legislation on Monday that gives lawmakers the power to scrutinize and even change Prime Minister Theresa May's request that the European Union agree to delay Brexit until June 30.

2019-04-09 08:07 GMT+8

British Prime Minister Theresa May will meet with German and French leaders Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron as she scrambles to find a Brexit breakthrough ahead of Wednesday's crucial EU summit.

2019-04-08 17:58 GMT+8

British Prime Minister Theresa May on Saturday defended her decision to turn to Britain's main opposition to get her EU divorce deal approved, warning without cross-party consensus Brexit could slip through our fingers.

2019-04-07 08:01 GMT+8

‍The United Kingdom is seeking a second delay on its exit from the European Union (EU).

2019-04-05 16:15 GMT+8

Pro-Brexit lawmakers in Britain's upper house of parliament tried on Thursday to thwart the approval of a new law that would force Prime Minister Theresa May to seek a delay to prevent a disorderly EU exit on April 12 without a deal.

2019-04-05 08:50 GMT+8

The British government and the main opposition are planning further crisis talks today. On Wednesday, British MPs approved a bill designed to guarantee the country won't leave the EU without a deal beyond the current April 12 deadline. Earlier, Prime Minister Theresa May met with opposition Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn in an effort to break the impasse. The two hope to do the same at their next meeting.

2019-04-04 12:51 GMT+8

British MPs voted narrowly on Wednesday in favor of legislation that would force the government to seek to delay Brexit beyond the current April 12 deadline. 

2019-04-04 08:44 GMT+8

The European Union will not grant Britain another short delay to Brexit if UK lawmakers fail to ratify the stalled divorce agreement by April 12, the head of the bloc's executive European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, said on Wednesday. 

2019-04-03 22:10 GMT+8

Nigel Adams, the British minister for Wales, on Wednesday resigned after UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced her plan to talk to Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the opposition Labour Party, in order to break the current Brexit deadlock.

2019-04-03 21:41 GMT+8

UK Prime Minister Theresa May said on Tuesday she would ask the European Union for a further delay to Brexit beyond April 12 to give her time to sit down with the opposition Labour Party in a bid to break the impasse over Britain's departure.

2019-04-03 08:15 GMT+8

The EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier warned Tuesday it is day after day more likely that Britain will crash out of the bloc next week without an orderly withdrawal agreement.

2019-04-02 16:57 GMT+8

UK lawmakers fail to reach majority for any option in votes on 4 alternatives to rejected Brexit deal UK lawmakers fail to reach majority.

2019-04-02 05:13 GMT+8

Four alternative Brexit options have failed to win majorities in Britain's parliament, with Prime Minister Theresa May set to hold a marathon five-hour Cabinet meeting on Tuesday to determine the government's way forward. 

2019-04-02 08:50 GMT+8

British lawmakers on Monday failed to find a majority for any proposal in votes on alternatives to the government's rejected Brexit deal. Here is the moment the vote results were announced in the Commons.

2019-04-02 08:55 GMT+8

For UK Prime Minister Theresa May, Brexit marathon has been exhausting. The journey so far has seen one disappointment after another, and many say it also marks May's possible political death.

2019-03-31 16:00 GMT+8

British lawmakers on Friday rejected Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal for the third time.

2019-03-30 09:07 GMT+8

The latest week of crunch Brexit votes in the UK parliament is set to unfold with the government's agreement, a softer option, no exit, no-deal or an election still very much on the agenda.

2019-04-01 11:27 GMT+8