2018 Spring Festival

2018-02-09 09:55 GMT+8

As the Chinese New Year is falling on Friday, CGTN asked people from around the world about their views of the festival, and what they wish for in the upcoming Year of the Dog.

2018-02-15 21:11 GMT+8

The 2018 Spring Festival Gala, or Chunwan in Chinese, is being watched by millions of Chinese worldwide, as families and friends get together to bid farewell to the old, and usher in the Lunar New Year – the Year of the Dog.

2018-02-15 21:01 GMT+8

The Chinese Spring Festival falls on Feb. 16 this year. And, as usual, China Central Television's (CCTV) Spring Festival Gala is a trending topic on social media, with plenty of speculation over what performers and programs will appear.

2018-02-15 20:42 GMT+8

In the Spring Festival Gala 2018, the focus has been on traditional culture, along with the usual singing, dancing, traditional instrumental music, Chinese operas, comedies and martial arts.

2018-02-16 00:16 GMT+8

‍This is the time of the year when one-fifth of humanity celebrate the Spring Festival, the beginning of the new year according to the Chinese lunar calendar.

2018-02-15 16:36 GMT+8

Government crackdown and intense campaigns have reduced shark fin soup consumption in China by more than 80 percent, according to a report based on government data and WildAid's survey released today. 

2018-02-15 14:51 GMT+8

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres gave his warm wishes to the Chinese people in Chinese on Thursday, the day before the Spring Festival. The leader wished the Chinese people good health, happiness and success in the upcoming new year.

2018-02-15 13:03 GMT+8

Standup comedian routines are usually always topical and often have a political edge. That became very clear on Chinese New Year - the same day as a tragic shooting at a Florida high school which left at least 17 dead. The New Year is traditionally marked by firecrackers and Chinese comedian Joe Wong jokingly asked policemen; Why is it in America guns are illegal and fireworks are not? 

2018-02-15 16:17 GMT+8

The 2018 Spring Festival Gala is set to begin at 20:00 BJT precisely on the Spring Festival’s Eve, and it had the last round of rehearsals on Tuesday.

2018-02-14 18:03 GMT+8

Time controlling and further polishing all parts are the top priorities for the Spring Festival Gala, Yang Dongsheng, director of the gala said during an interview with CGTN.

2018-02-14 12:37 GMT+8

Pasting Spring Festival couplets on doors is one of the oldest Chinese New Year traditions to invite good luck for the upcoming year.

2018-02-15 12:11 GMT+8

China Central Television (CCTV) Building has become a canvas for the high-tech light show for the Chinese Spring Festival. By transforming the office building into a giant lantern, the light show aims to mesmerize passersby with a kaleidoscope of colors and dynamic visual transitions.

2018-02-14 16:13 GMT+8

CCTV's Spring Festival Gala is utilizing 4K resolution cameras to provide viewers in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangdong and Guizhou provinces with Ultra HD viewing options on cable television's CCTV section.

2018-02-12 12:37 GMT+8

As we clock into the Chinese New Year, anticipation for the annual Spring Festival Gala, or Chunwan, is mounting. The gala, produced by China Central Television (CCTV), has accompanied generations since 1983. 

2018-02-11 17:02 GMT+8

Pictures and symbols for New Year are widely used in China during Spring Festival. They are traditionally printed with woodblocks, but the production has now been taken over by modern machines. 

2018-02-09 22:11 GMT+8

Starting Friday, most Chinese families will kick off a series of rituals to welcome the Lunar New Year. The traditions that have been inherited and maintained for thousands of years, bear with them the culture of the nation.

2018-02-09 08:56 GMT+8

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, we explore what it means to be The Dog, 2018's zodiac animal. 

2018-02-12 19:01 GMT+8

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2018 is the Year of the Dog. Since domestication, dogs have been our friends, playmates, protectors and caregivers. 

2018-02-07 18:16 GMT+8

China Central Television (CCTV) on Monday held its first full rehearsal for the 2018 Spring Festival Gala.

2018-02-05 22:00 GMT+8

During the Spring Festival, Liu Huimin and other craftsmen set up a furnace and blow liquid iron into it.  

2018-02-19 13:59 GMT+8

Amongst many other Chinese traditions, taking family portraits appears to still be common – despite the smartphone boom.

2018-02-17 22:18 GMT+8

It's the second day of the Chinese New Year, and the annual celebrations are in full motion. China's rich culture and traditions are on full display during the Spring Festival, and the Longtan Park Temple Fair is among those traditions.

2018-02-17 21:50 GMT+8

Winter sports are becoming increasingly popular in northeast China for the New Year celebration, at a time when millions of Chinese head home for a reunion with their families and friends. 

2018-02-17 22:01 GMT+8

More than 70 percent of Singapore’s population is ethnic Chinese, so the lunar New Year is celebrated on a large scale in the city-state. Street markets line the historical district of Chinatown, buildings are decorated in red, and families come together for meals and gatherings.

2018-02-17 21:37 GMT+8

The 2018 Datong Lantern Fair is attracting numerous visitors as the whole country celebrates the Spring Festival. 

2018-02-17 16:51 GMT+8

What is the taste of Spring Festival?

2018-02-17 13:48 GMT+8

On the eve of Lunar Chinese New Year, a group of special guests also sent out their wishes.

2018-02-15 14:59 GMT+8

In recent years, many people living in the chilly north of China, especially the elderly, have preferred to spend winter and Chinese New Year in Hainan, the country's southernmost province, due to its warm climate and leisurely lifestyle.

2018-02-15 10:15 GMT+8

The 15-day Spring Festival holiday period in China is filled with food, family reunions and traditions, but we would be remiss to forget about the superstitions that some Chinese hold to ward off bad luck.

2018-02-15 10:14 GMT+8

A primer for 2018 Spring Festival Gala

2018-02-15 11:03 GMT+8

With the Lunar New Year only one day away, have you ever wondered what Chinese people have for dinner on this very special occasion?

2018-02-14 20:15 GMT+8

Canton Tower, one of the most well-known landmarks of Guangzhou City in southern China’s Guangdong Province, celebrated the New Year with not only colorful lights but also a unique drone show.

2018-02-15 01:36 GMT+8

The Empire State Building in New York City turned red and gold to celebrate the coming Chinese Spring Festival on Tuesday. The color lights would also shine on Thursday, which marks the Spring Festival Eve for the Chinese Year of the Dog.

2018-02-14 12:35 GMT+8

Guangzhou, which has the romantic name of “Flower City,” is celebrating the Chinese New Year with – what else – flower fairs. 

2018-02-14 17:58 GMT+8

Ciba is the best New Year's gift

2018-02-13 19:07 GMT+8

People use calendars to mark the coming and going of seasons and years. The Chinese lunar calendar is just one of several used around the world today.

2018-02-14 14:47 GMT+8

The Chinese New Year holiday is traditionally the time of the year when everyone who is living away from home returns for a family reunion. But for many single young people, the holiday is not something they’re looking forward to with the same excitement they did as children. Instead, the time spent with family causes trepidation. They fear the awkward questions they’re likely to face, from parents anxious to know when they intend to settle down and marry – and importantly, produce that first, eagerly-anticipated grandchild.  

2018-02-14 10:04 GMT+8

It is estimated that some three billion passenger journeys will be made across China this year, making it the world’s biggest travel rush. However, behind this rush is a trend called reverse Spring Festival travel. 

2018-02-13 20:25 GMT+8

With the last rehearsal underway on Tuesday, the annual Spring Festival Gala of the China Central Television (CCTV) will be presented to the audience within just two days.  

2018-02-13 16:41 GMT+8

With intensive rehearsals underway, the annual Spring Festival Gala of the China Central Television (CCTV) will take place within days. It is the most watched TV program in the world, and dubbed the Chinese “Super Bowl.”

2018-02-13 16:02 GMT+8

In westernmost Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, northwestern China, lies a frontier garrison unit called Tasiti Sentry Post. 

2018-02-13 15:02 GMT+8

In Mianzhu, Sichuan Province, everybody is preparing for the Chinese Spring Festival. There is a happy spirit among the crowds everywhere.

2018-02-12 16:41 GMT+8

The 2018 Spring Festival falls on Feb. 16. Hundreds of millions of Chinese are heading home in a travel rush that empties the cities and sends airports into a frenzy. 

2018-02-12 21:38 GMT+8

Festivities are in the air as millions of Chinese crowd train stations and airports to head home in time for the Spring Festival, which is only days away.

2018-02-10 17:22 GMT+8