China Development Forum 2018

2018-03-23 23:17 GMT+8

For the last three days, business leaders from around the world have gathered in Beijing for the China Development Forum. 

2018-03-26 22:48 GMT+8

Almost one billion Chinese are online, spending an average of three to four hours a day surfing the web. However, during the past five years, the online population has been expanding more slowly than the country's GDP. 

2018-03-26 18:10 GMT+8

The world's fourth-largest oil company, Total, is going large on cleaner energy. And it's CEO Patrick Pouyanne thinks the next big idea in green energy will come out of China.

2018-03-26 22:35 GMT+8

China will remain unwavering in opening up its service sector with more measures in the pipeline despite continued trade deficits, an official said Sunday.

2018-03-26 08:15 GMT+8

China's pursuit for a higher quality economy above higher growth will be driven in part by innovation, the head of one of the world's leading management consulting firms has said.

2018-03-26 20:48 GMT+8

Social networking giant Facebook has been in the center of the storm. More than 50 million Facebook profiles were harvested and then shared with the political consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica to create targeted micro content for individuals. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg took out full-page ads in several British and American newspapers last Sunday to apologize for a breach of trust in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

2018-03-26 17:36 GMT+8

During Sunday's China Development Forum, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced another round of funding for the China Development Research Foundation. He said Apple would donate 25 million yuan (about 4 million US dollars) to provide training and support to children in some of the poorest parts of China.

2018-03-26 14:16 GMT+8

The US decision to increase tariffs on selected Chinese imports is a hot topic at this year’s China Development Forum (CDF) in Beijing.

2018-03-25 17:07 GMT+8

China is pursuing a higher quality economy instead of higher growth rate, and attaching importance to opening up amid China-US trade tensions, Vice Premier Han Zheng spoke at the opening ceremony of the annual China Development Forum in Beijing on Sunday morning.

2018-03-25 16:58 GMT+8

China's tax revenues fell by 918.6 billion yuan (145.5 billion US dollars) last year as a result of changes to the tax structure, Minister of Finance Liu Kun said on Sunday.

2018-03-25 19:19 GMT+8

Trade tension between China and the US is one of the hottest topics at this year’s China Development Forum (CDF). The chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China (AmCham China), William Zarit, said that tariffs are not their preferred approach to resolving issues.

2018-03-25 21:14 GMT+8

Chinese Vice Premier Han Zheng addressed the opening ceremony of the annual China Development Forum in Beijing on Sunday morning. He introduced China's work on pursuing a high quality economy instead of higher growth rate. Han also stressed the importance of opening-up amid trade tensions between Beijing and Washington. 

2018-03-25 14:42 GMT+8

China has witnessed tremendous economic growth since its opening-up 40 years ago, and no one has a deeper understanding of the concept of market economy than China, said Chinese Finance Minister Liu Kun on Sunday.

2018-03-25 14:22 GMT+8

Yi Gang, China’s new central bank governor, said on Sunday that China will push forward reform and opening up of the financial industry while preventing financial risks through regulation and supervision. 

2018-03-25 15:25 GMT+8

China’s economy is taking on new characteristics, with the emphasis being on quality growth. What does this mean for the country, and how will the change affect interactions with global economies?

2018-03-24 22:32 GMT+8

Kevin Rudd, former Australian prime minister, is a fluent Mandarin speaker and a long-time China observer. On the sidelines of the China Development Forum in Beijing, CGTN host Tian Wei talked to him about the breakout of a “trade war” between China and the United States. 

2018-03-24 19:17 GMT+8

As the world's second largest economy, China has seen its development interconnected with that of the world. With the objective of “Engaging with the World for Common Prosperity” and theme of “China in the New Era,” this year’s China Development Forum (CDF) is a significant platform for dialogue between Chinese officials and top international business leaders.

2018-03-24 18:03 GMT+8

US and Chinese leaders must speak to each other directly to resolve their conflict, according to Maurice Greenberg, former American International Group (AIG) CEO and a longtime promoter of positive Sino-US relations.

2018-03-24 17:28 GMT+8

Trade tensions between China and the United States flared this week when US President Donald Trump unveiled plans to slap tariffs on potentially up to 60 billion US dollars worth of Chinese goods, but several world elites voiced their concerns and oppositions against the potential trade war.

2018-03-24 17:31 GMT+8

China's GDP per capita is expected to hit 35,000 US dollars by 2035 – joining the league of developed countries such as the US and Germany, said a new report by the China Development Research Foundation, the organizer of the China Development Forum.

2018-03-23 23:22 GMT+8

The retirement savings gap in eight countries, Australia, Canada, China, India, Japan, the Netherlands, the UK and the US, will reach about 400 trillion US dollars by 2050, according to a report by the World Economic Forum. Roy Gori, Canada’s largest insurer Manulife global CEO, said that pension is a great foundation to help fill the gap, especially in China.

2018-03-23 19:53 GMT+8

The annual China Development Forum (CDF) will get underway on Saturday in Beijing, under the theme of China in the New Era.

2018-03-21 17:50 GMT+8