The Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCZone), a world-class free zone and trade hub along the banks of the newly expanded canal, is now regarded as a great connection to China's Belt and Road Initiative. 

2018-01-24 11:29 GMT+8

Jushi Egypt For Fiberglass Industry S.A.E (Jushi Egypt), located in the China-Egypt Suez Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone, has been regarded as one of the most successful examples of industrial cooperation between the two countries.

2018-01-24 12:49 GMT+8

Editor’s note: The island nation of Cyprus is located at the junction of three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa. China has proposed the Belt and Road Initiative, aiming to build trade and infrastructure networks connecting these continents. With the help of the initiative, trade and cooperation between Cyprus and China has steadily developed through the years.

2018-01-22 14:31 GMT+8

As British Prime Minister Theresa May continues her official visit to China, academics and high-profile politicians are debating the implications of the Belt and Road Initiative at the University of Cambridge.

2018-02-02 10:57 GMT+8

News of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), part of the Belt and Road, was received well by Pakistani residents, as shared by the country's former ambassador to China and the United States Akram Zaki to CGTN.

2017-11-24 23:30 GMT+8

Despite significant accomplishments, the Belt and Road Initiative still faces challenges – from security to geopolitical changes. As an active participant in the Initiative, Pakistan already sees benefits from the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which is under construction.

2017-11-25 10:09 GMT+8

In a small centuries-old monastery hidden in downtown Kathmandu, Professor Naresh Man is working on the ritual for the morning chant. 

2017-11-23 22:28 GMT+8

In the suburbs of Kathmandu lies Patan Hospital. As one of the top three hospitals in the city, patients wait in long lines to see their doctors.

2017-11-23 22:05 GMT+8

According to Nepali tradition, friends and relatives are expected to throw a pregnancy party for expectant mothers.

2017-11-23 09:30 GMT+8

In Nepal’s capital Kathmandu, morning always arrives earlier than any other place in the world. Most people here get up at around 5 am. 

2017-11-21 17:35 GMT+8

Wang Shengyi is a 29-year-old Chinese who has been teaching in Pakistan for three months. She comes from Xi’an in central China, where the world-famous ancient Silk Road started. 

2017-11-21 18:15 GMT+8

Dayaidhi Khatiwada is a local courier working for a Chinese express delivery company in Nepal. He used to be a waiter at a restaurant in Qatar. But now, the highly demanding job of being a courier has given him an opportunity to stay at home and earn a better salary.

2017-11-22 22:31 GMT+8

Adeel Shahzad is one of the 18,000 local workers at Karot Hydropower Station construction site in northern Pakistan.

2017-11-21 11:22 GMT+8

Chinese and African cooperation in the agriculture sector has increased significantly over the past decade. What have been the biggest achievements and what new impetus could China’s Belt and Road Initiative bring to Africa? CGTN reporter Zou Yun talked to Dr. Agnes Kalibata, president of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa and Rwanda’s former Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources.

2017-11-21 22:29 GMT+8

Running over the Himalayas and all the way to Hong Kong, a length of optical fiber is changing locals’ daily lives in Nepal. 

2017-11-20 20:36 GMT+8

Power outages in Pakistan are expected to drop in the next five years as the country's new Karot Hydropower Project, the first project of the Silk Road Fund initiated by Chinese President Xi Jinping, connects to the energy grid. 

2017-11-20 20:58 GMT+8

Tien Giang Province, known as The Rice Bowl of Vietnam, is located in the northeast of the Mekong Delta and packed with floating houses and fish farms. 

2017-11-10 15:53 GMT+8

Thinking of connectivity under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the first things that come to mind are likely rail or air -- but not necessarily road logistics.

2017-05-19 18:19 GMT+8

The China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative is a project aimed to strengthen interconnectivity in the areas of policy, infrastructure, trade, finance and non-governmental exchanges with the goal of bringing benefits to all.

2017-09-02 15:16 GMT+8

The China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), viewed as a new form of globalization based on the idea of connectivity, inclusiveness, and win-win cooperation, has been at the center stage of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC). 

2017-10-29 15:30 GMT+8

Guest commentary by Clare Pearson

2017-05-19 11:43 GMT+8

Guest commentary by Hannah Ryder

2017-05-18 13:19 GMT+8

By CGTN’s Martina Fuchs‍

2017-05-18 17:00 GMT+8

By CGTN’s Martina Fuchs‍

2017-05-18 16:05 GMT+8

By CGTN’s Joseph Catanzaro, Cao Xi

2017-05-18 14:44 GMT+8

The high-profile Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation concluded in Beijing on Monday. A large number of deals were signed and a joint communique was released, seeking an open and prosperous world economy. China's Foreign Ministry said the fruitful outcome of the forum and its deals are far-reaching.

2017-05-17 14:51 GMT+8