The EU would consider a potential British request for closer post-Brexit ties than London has sought so far, but will not renegotiate the withdrawal agreement rejected by parliament, its Brexit negotiator said on Wednesday.


2019-01-16 22:54 GMT+8

U.S. President Donald Trump ordered McDonalds for the NCAA champion football team at the White House as the cook was on temporary leave due to the government shutdown, which began on December 21 and is now the longest ever. 

2019-01-16 19:08 GMT+8

At the Twilight Bar in San Fulgencio, Spain, the British expats watching the televised British Parliament vote on Brexit suddenly went quiet as the crucial result was announced: a 432 to 202 vote defeating Prime Minister Theresa May's negotiated withdrawal plan for Britain from the European Union. 

2019-01-16 21:36 GMT+8