Israel is in trouble, so are American nationals as soft target in up to 40 countries as US authorities have warned. Why? President Trump says the US accepts Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. 

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This year marks the 80th anniversary of the 1937 Nanjing Massacre, and Wednesday marks the fourth National Memorial Day in remembrance of the victims. As one of the descendants of the foreigners who helped China during the resistance war against the Japanese, Chris Magee, the grandson of John Magee, attended the ceremony.

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The Nordic and Baltic countries are looking to this week’s One Planet Summit on climate change and the Paris Climate Accords with skepticism and self-criticism. In Norway, Greenpeace and another environmentalist organization sued the government to prevent offshore drilling for oil in the Barents Sea. 

2017-12-13 22:50 GMT+8

The US House of Representatives passed a bill imposing new sanctions on Iran due to its ballistic missile project, a program not covered by the nuclear deal.

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About 20 years ago, one Japanese diplomat came up to me and said the death toll of the Nanjing Massacre should be 100,000 fewer than the Chinese official figure. Stunned, I turned around and left, speechless. He was not very serious about the war atrocities of exactly 80 years ago, was he? This Japanese diplomat was only wrestling with the figure instead of his conscience and how to protect the pacifist constitution of Japan.

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Developed countries assume that a Communist country is an autocratic dictatorship and therefore there is no need to inquire how the government functions – it’s just a series of edicts that are followed blindly by party functionaries. The truth is, ironically, under a one-party system, Chinese government officials face more, rather than less, pressure than their Liberal Democratic Capitalist (LDC) counterparts to govern.

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The foreign ministers of Russia, India and China [RIC] have just concluded in New Delhi the 15th of the regular meetings they have held in this format since 2005, placing the stress this time on counter-terrorism and expanded economic cooperation. 

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