On the eve of the Chinese New Year, China Central Television Station (CCTV), as it has done since 1983, conducted its annual Spring Festival TV Gala – a four-hour event watched by 800 million people throughout China.

2018-02-20 19:37 GMT+8

A deal has been reportedly reached between the Syrian Kurdish forces and Damascus according to which the Syrian army will enter the Afrin enclave in the northern part of the country. This agreement is a cooperation between the Syrian government and the country's Kurds, led by the Democratic Union Party (PYD), to counter the ongoing Turkish campaign that started in early January.

2018-02-20 13:03 GMT+8

The issue of China’s image, along with its soft power, gets featured prominently these days as debates flare up about whether a skit of the recent Spring Festival Gala on China’s friendship with Africa carries racial overtones.

2018-02-20 12:11 GMT+8

One of the most important issues for US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson during his Middle East Trip was to address the dispute between the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries as he went to Kuwait. 

2018-02-18 23:09 GMT+8

The shooting down of an Iranian drone after it entered into the Israeli airspace from Syria this month sparked off a debate whether a drone could be hacked using cyber technology and turned against its own operator, throwing light on the increasing importance of cyber warfare in the larger context of Middle East conflicts.

2018-02-18 17:36 GMT+8

On Feb. 13, non-governmental organizations pledged 330 million US dollars of humanitarian aid to Iraq. The organizations were meeting as international donors gathered in Kuwait to discuss Iraq’s reconstruction after years of war and economic turmoil. The conference was co-chaired by Kuwait and Iraq, as well as the United Nations (UN), European Union (EU) and the World Bank (WB).

2018-02-17 17:49 GMT+8

A dispute between Turkey and the United States over the control of a northern Syrian town has pitted the NATO allies against each other, putting them on opposing sides of the conflict’s front line and deepening a diplomatic rift.

2018-02-16 20:34 GMT+8

“Here is what I want you to do

2018-02-16 08:01 GMT+8

The Iraqi government wants to encourage foreign governments and companies to help it rebuild the damage caused by ISIL’s occupation of the country since 2014. That’s why the recent International Conference for Reconstruction of Iraq was held in Kuwait. The reconstruction’s price tag? About 88 billion US dollars.

2018-02-16 07:31 GMT+8

‍This is the time of the year when one-fifth of humanity celebrate the Spring Festival, the beginning of the new year according to the Chinese lunar calendar.

2018-02-15 16:36 GMT+8

2018-02-08 15:52 GMT+8