If unfortunately, we ended up in the bifurcated world, the China-centric trading bloc would be a much larger one vis-à-vis the U.S.-centric trading bloc.

2019-06-11 17:20 GMT+8

Trump's tariff policies are nothing but national self-harm policies.

2019-06-11 20:48 GMT+8

It is not easy to achieve the reshoring of the U.S. manufacturing industry by creating trade frictions, resorting to additional tariffs and high trade barriers, etc.

2019-06-11 20:29 GMT+8

Facing severe conflicts of interest between the U.S. and Iran, Abe is taking on responsibilities as a mediator.

2019-06-11 09:19 GMT+8

Although the longstanding and historically tangible rhetoric of the “special relationship” has long captured people’s imaginations, the current administration is now openly treating the UK as a subordinate.

2019-06-11 12:08 GMT+8

In fact, the steadily-growing Chinese economy has been playing a stabilizing role in world economic development.

2019-06-11 09:26 GMT+8

The U.S. administration has resorted to constant mobilization and readiness required for an economic or technology war to the emphasis of national security.

2019-06-11 09:02 GMT+8

The outright Huawei ban was reckless and will, in the long run, prove to be costly to the U.S. telecommunications industry and infrastructure. The broader “threat” narrative has been convincing to the point it has shielded them from adequate scrutiny, yet this does not mean that the impact does not exist.

2019-06-10 10:46 GMT+8

Editor's note: Pavel Kudriavtsev is chief representative of the Russian Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Eastern Asia. The article reflects the author's opinion, and not necessarily the views of CGTN.

2019-06-10 20:12 GMT+8

Although the meeting of G20 finance chief and central bank governor hasn't proposed a solution to the trade conflict, it did state its standing against trade conflict and efforts for mitigation.

2019-06-10 18:29 GMT+8

2019-06-09 14:33 GMT+8

2019-06-08 09:50 GMT+8