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Latest in Macao
Faces of Macao
Landmarks of Macao: Golden Lotus Square
16:09, 12-Dec-2019 Destination
Landmarks of Macao: Macao Tower
16:34, 11-Dec-2019 Destination
Landmarks of Macao: Ruins of St. Paul's
15:55, 10-Dec-2019 Destination
Landmarks of Macao: Largo do Senado
18:19, 13-Dec-2019 Destination
Landmarks of Macao: A-Ma Temple
18:53, 14-Dec-2019 Destination
Landmarks of Macao: Travessa da Paixão
12:27, 15-Dec-2019 Destination
Sketches of Macao
President Xi Jinping credits Macao's ability to follow a path of orderly progress as the reason for its successful implementation of "One Country, Two Systems."
18:20, 20-Dec-2019
Xi Jinping's speech in Macao highlighted how placing confidence in the 'One Country, Two Systems' model is an essential ingredient to upholding its success.
18:02, 20-Dec-2019
It wants to become one of the best resort cities. It wants to create talents and technology. It wants to bridge China and Europe. And most importantly, it wants to be a successful Chinese city.
14:37, 17-Dec-2019
The future of Macao's development will focus on tourism and finance.
23:02, 14-Dec-2019
Editors' Pick
A two-kilometer underwater tunnel connects Macao to a special university campus in southern China's Zhuhai City. It takes students from the University of Macao one minute by car to reach the campus through the tunnel without undergoing complicated border checks.
16:04, 17-Dec-2019
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