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Facts Tell


COVID-19 origins-tracing

A landmark study conducted in Milan retested samples from patients and found molecular evidence of the coronavirus dating back to September 2019.
22:04, 05-Oct-2021
The U.S. would be well advised to "seek solidarity instead of confrontation, take responsibility instead of resorting to blame-shifting, be guided by science instead of politics."
14:52, 08-Sep-2021
"The United States and a fistful of its allies are trying to mislead the world," according to an op-ed by Md Enamul Hassan published in English-language newspaper Bangladesh Post on Wednesday.
North America
10:03, 05-Sep-2021

Zero Poverty

In 1969, a teenager from Beijing joined 17 million Chinese students in the "Down to the Countryside Movement," a campaign launched by Chairman Mao Zedong that asked urban youth to experience life by working in rural areas.
19:39, 21-Feb-2021
Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, on Wednesday visited Qianxi County in southwest China's Guizhou Province ahead of the Chinese New Year.
22:55, 03-Feb-2021
China has removed all remaining counties from the poverty list after the last nine impoverished counties, all in southwest China's Guizhou Province, eliminated absolute poverty.
15:08, 23-Nov-2020
October 17 marks China's National Poverty Relief Day. This year is significant, as it's the year China vowed to eradicate extreme poverty in rural areas – a goal it says it's on track to meet, despite the chaos unleashed by COVID-19 earlier this year.
18:22, 16-Oct-2020
For more than seven months, the pandemic has jeopardized the economic and social improvements humans have achieved in many decades, throwing billions of people into poverty. Among the impacted, Asian countries, with undeveloped social security systems and numerous informal workers, have borne the brunt of it.
21:13, 30-Jul-2020
In 2020, China has accomplished on schedule its poverty alleviation target for the new era, a significant victory that has impressed the world.
15:06, 01-Jan-2021
A second visit to an isolated poor village in SW China in less than a year reveals progress, pitfalls and inner pandemonium.
15:25, 05-Feb-2021
In the home of China's spacecraft launch site, local villagers have rediscovered the one thing the city has always been famous for – coconuts.
19:00, 24-Jan-2021

Kungfu Legend

Martial arts require not only practice but also the cultivation of one's inner world. Let's find out the true meaning of the unity of spirit and martial arts in Shaolin Temple.
Henan, China
15:00, 13-Oct-2021