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Facts Tell


Zero Poverty

In 2020, China has accomplished on schedule its poverty alleviation target for the new era, a significant victory that has impressed the world.
15:06, 01-Jan-2021
China has removed all remaining counties from the poverty list after the last nine impoverished counties, all in southwest China's Guizhou Province, eliminated absolute poverty.
15:08, 23-Nov-2020
October 17 marks China's National Poverty Relief Day. This year is significant, as it's the year China vowed to eradicate extreme poverty in rural areas – a goal it says it's on track to meet, despite the chaos unleashed by COVID-19 earlier this year.
18:22, 16-Oct-2020
Of the more than one billion people who were lifted out of poverty from 1990 to 2015, 746 million were in China, accounting for 65 percent of the worldwide number.
21:41, 19-Sep-2020
For more than seven months, the pandemic has jeopardized the economic and social improvements humans have achieved in many decades, throwing billions of people into poverty. Among the impacted, Asian countries, with undeveloped social security systems and numerous informal workers, have borne the brunt of it.
21:13, 30-Jul-2020
October 17 marks China's National Poverty Relief Day, a reminder that the country has reached the final stage of its mission to eradicate extreme poverty by the end of 2020.
18:56, 17-Oct-2020
Zhangqiu Bangzi opera is no longer a heart-wrenching song of hardship. Hopeful new tunes can be heard rising from the village.
17:53, 16-Nov-2020
Poverty alleviation doesn't happen overnight, and the most challenging task is to prevent a relapse.
23:06, 03-Dec-2020
A vast green sea made of tea bushes, blue sky above your head, mountains and fresh air, it's definitely a refreshing and relaxing experience to visit Dapingtan's tea plantation, which is said to have the shortest distance from the sky.
22:10, 24-Dec-2020
Sickness and poverty are two sides of the same coin. Finding a way to break the vicious cycle that these two create is key in China's path to prosperity.
17:28, 22-Jan-2021

Job Challenge

At the heart of Beijing sits the Palace Museum, a sprawling complex of palaces, historic halls and courtyard gardens, which is to celebrate its 600th birthday next year. Also known as the Forbidden City, the Palace Museum is an immense source of pride for people across the country, particularly in Beijing. In this episode of Job Challenge, CGTN reporter Nick Moore had an unforgettable experience for the slightly overwhelming task – volunteering at the Palace Museum.
07:38, 12-May-2019
The lush forests of southwest China's Yunnan province are home to the country's only wild elephants. An endangered species, their numbers fell to just 170 in the 1980s. Thanks to the efforts of conservationists, officials and locals, more wild elephants now roam the hills of Yunnan. And in 30 years’ time, they could be as many as 500.
16:41, 22-Apr-2019
For decades, residents of Zhongwei City in southwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region watched a sea of sand ebb closer and closer to their homes, covering their streets, crops and roads, cutting them off from trade, transport and prosperity. In the 1950s, scientists and locals joined forces together. Without any cutting-edge technology, machinery or chemicals, hundreds of people worked over the decades, turning the desert into land capable of cultivating apples and trees.
13:29, 08-Apr-2019
China's bullet train. It's been dubbed one of China's "four new innovations". Entering one of the grand terminals and boarding a bullet train for the first time feels like venturing onto the set of a futuristic movie. But what is it like working there? For over a 48-hour period, CGTN foreign expert Sim Sim Wissgott got to try her hand at various jobs on and off the "gāotiě". Let’s take a look!
17:04, 02-Feb-2019

Into Tibet 2020

On September 20, 2020, the turquoise water at Yamdrok Lake glowed in the autumn sunshine, a breathtaking scene for visitors.
13:14, 21-Sep-2020
Puruogangri glacier in northern Tibet's Nagqu City is the third largest ice sheet in the world, covering over 400 square kilometers at an average elevation above 6,000 meters. Join CGTN in no man's land to see the amazing glacier.
Nagqu, China
16:00, 02-Sep-2020
For nomads in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, herding is the most important task. Join CGTN for a closer look at a Tibetan black tent, the traditional dwelling of local nomads.
Nagqu, China
18:40, 31-Aug-2020
Located at 5,100 meters above sea level on Mount Qomolangma, Rongpo Monastery is one of the highest monasteries in the world. Let's take a deep breath and join CGTN on a tour there.
Shigatse, China
16:00, 27-Aug-2020