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Ask China: People in Beijing answer questions from foreign netizens

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The New Productive Forces driving China's economy

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Have a quick peek at the new employment trends in 2024!

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Unboxing Two Sessions 2024: Stabilizing employment

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Homegrown products drive new consumption, boost global economy

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Chinese New Year's grand finale: the Lantern Festival

China's high-speed rail through the 'eyes' of AI

How has tech enriched beekeepers in Beijing's Miyun?

Baby seal rescued from Dalian beach to head back home

Global Watch Editor's Pick EP 07: Harbin slayed the competition

Why is the U.S. holding up Volkswagen vehicles?

Wuhan takes proactive measures to ensure safety, power before snowfall

How did China accomplish South-to-North Water Diversion mega project?

Chinese New Year tourism boom: A look at the record-breaking numbers

8 billion: China's Spring Festival box office smashes records

OpenAI introduces AI model 'Sora' that turns text into video

The Reward of Truthful Souls

Greek viewer praises Spring Festival Gala koi fish dance as elegant and graceful

Global Watch Editor's Pick: Welcome the Chinese God of Wealth

Diverse celebrations held across globe to welcome Spring Festival

CNY guide: Is sending New Year greetings an unnecessary etiquette?

Join the Loong Year Loong Dance challenge with a Bolshoi ballerina

Join Loong Year Loong Dance challenge with Chinese student in the UK

A Danish dad and his children embrace #LoongYearLoongDance challenge

Global greetings: Tourism directors worldwide wish you a Happy Chinese New Year

Wang Wenbin gives Spring Festival gifts to journalists

CMG light show ignites passion for Spring Festival celebration in UAE

Taste the New Year: Serving 'good luck' fish for New Year's Eve dinner

Join Loong Year Loong Dance challenge with C-POP star Santa Zanduo

Join Loong Year Loong Dance challenge with foreign sons-in-law

Mauritius' African spin on Chinese New Year

Enjoy Spring Festival with Island Rhythms in Fiji

Groove into the Year of the Dragon!

Tibetan herdsman's poetic reflections on Ruoergai Grassland

Taste the New Year: Shopping at Beijing's largest open-air market

Explore a Thai-rrific Spring Festival journey

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Serbian participant takes on #LoongYearLoongDance challenge

What is a 'Swiss Spring Festival'?

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CGTN reporter takes on the #LoongYearLoongDance challenge

A fresh take on 'Mume Blossoms Painted in Ink'

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Discovering Peking Opera

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A historic multi-day snowstorm in eastern Canada, up to 150 cm of snow

Indonesian students perform #LonngYearLoongDance

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Embracing Spring: Have a cultural tour in China's Macao SAR

Dragon Showtime: East vs. West

Netizen's choice: What will be on the 2024 Spring Festival gala?

Embracing the Chill: Winter in China's 'Spring City'

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Embracing the Chill: Discover winter in China's Tianjin Municipality

China launches 11 new Geely-02 satellites for future travel ecosystem

Xi gifts boy a box of fried dough twists ahead of Chinese New Year

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Why is 2024 the Year of the Dragon?

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Why do Chinese people give 'hongbao' on Spring Festival?

Xi extends Chinese New Year greetings to all Chinese people

Embracing the Chill: Explore the magic of China Snow Town

Cat joins #LoongYearLoongDance to celebrate Chinese New Year

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Come to Xi'an and wear beautiful hanfu

Female general from Tang Dynasty invites you to Xi'an

Embracing the chill in China's Guilin City

Crafting an ice swan

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Culture Atlas: Three things you may not know about Thailand

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Embracing the Chill: Dalian's winter charm

Dance your way into the Chinese New Year!

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Read a Poem: Feel the sea breeze of Hainan's Sansha City

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#LoongYearLoongDance Challenge: Celebrate Chinese New Year with joy

Embracing the chill: Hohhot's ice and snow paradise

Dance your way into the Chinese New Year!

Join the #LoongYearLoongDance challenge with friends

Join #LoongYearLoongDance and celebrate Chinese New Year

Embracing the Chill: China's Hangzhou in winter

Beijing Beat| Pinggu: All-season leisure, all-round agriculture

Culture Atlas: Four facts you did not know about Singapore

Culture Atlas: Five things you did not know about Antigua and Barbuda

Chinese envoy: Chinese EV companies' advantage not due to subsidies

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Embracing the chill in China's Hong Kong SAR

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How does an American drink tea in China?

This American is in love with tea

Fangshan: Fashionable homestays, fantastic architecture

More force! NATO makes its choice for 2024

Mentougou: Live a poetic and solidary life with 'Mentou-goals'

Embracing the chill in China's Shaanxi Province

Game on for tourism bureaus across China!

At least 3 injured after M7.1 earthquake in China's Xinjiang

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