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Former CNN talk show host Larry King has died aged 87, according to a statement published on his Twitter page on Saturday.
North America
20:59, 23-Jan-2021
Stinky Luosifen became the most popular Chinese New Year's snack this year on e-commerce platforms, as Chinese people prepare for a stay-at-home holiday due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
21:57, 22-Jan-2021
22:42, 22-Jan-2021
In the weeks leading up to the Spring Festival, Chinese people around the world are busy observing many traditions and customs associated with ushering in the Lunar New Year – most of them designed to attract positive energy and good fortune in the year to come. So, what are some of these preparations?
Culture China
16:21, 22-Jan-2021
Check any year-end list of 2020's biggest films and you won't miss "The Eight Hundred." The Guan Hu-directed war epic was one of the first releases in China after a months-long cinema shutdown because of COVID-19. It scored big on home turf and beyond, raking in a remarkable $468 million to be crowed the No. 1 grossing film of 2020 worldwide.
16:45, 30-Dec-2020
The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on October 1 this year, marking one of the most important and poetic Chinese festivals. People across the country reunite with family and friends, and enjoy the charm of moon together.
Culture China
14:30, 02-Oct-2020
Pitch-pot, hoop and pole, ring puzzles … these things may sound strange to you, but they once were "treasures" of a generation – the country's booming aging population.
China Pulse
17:48, 23-Jan-2021
Italian luxury fashion brand Prada on Tuesday terminated its contract with Chinese actress Zheng Shuang after a suspected surrogacy scandal.
22:09, 20-Jan-2021
18:26, 21-Jan-2021
Thanks to the superpower of burgeoning digital platforms, African superheroes are conquering the global animation stage.
18:26, 21-Jan-2021
The Qipao – a dress that brings out the inner elegance of the wearer and embodies the cultural identity and heritage of Chinese women in one sleek and fitting dress.
14:07, 19-Jan-2021
Ren Sainan does it all – designing burial clothing, realizing those designs by working with tailors, attending to customers and, on top of those talents, being a model wearing newly designed burial garments.
19:15, 05-Jan-2021
Growing demands for de-objectification and recognition of the act's harmful effects have not upended the advertising industry. The pervasiveness of these commercials has longstanding roots and deep-rooted societal basis.
17:26, 20-Jan-2021
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying on Wednesday praised a documentary made by a Japanese director, which records without bias China's efforts in epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of work and production.
23:04, 07-Jan-2021
Qi Lei, Jia Wan, Ziyi Wang and Tianyi Wu comprise an all-female sixth batch of fellows from the Chinese mainland with an exceptional track record of leading crucial humanitarian projects.
14:40, 22-Dec-2020
When we first arrived at Geli Primary School at Weilaba, Lushui, Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture in China's southwestern Yunnan Province, many of us were surprised at how modern the school looks and how it defies expectations of schools in impoverished rural mountain areas.
15:13, 22-Dec-2020
At Beilin Community in Zhengzhou, central China's Henan Province, an education drive is underway to teach seniors how to use smartphones.
20:18, 20-Dec-2020
Spain has kept many of its cultural venues open throughout the last few months of the pandemic.
02:23, 24-Jan-2021
Rhythmic sounds and agile dance moves, the Bamboo Dance of the Li ethnic group is quite a lot of fun to watch that often stirs up spectators' interest to join the dance.
Culture China
18:16, 20-Jan-2021
As soon as the weather gets cold in northern China, you'll see a lot of vendors in the street selling a delicious traditional delicacy – Bing Tang Hu Lu, or Tanghulu for short. This snack, which originated in Beijing and Tianjin, traditionally consists of hawthorn fruit glazed in hard candy and skewered on a 20-centimeter-long bamboo stick.
18:40, 21-Jan-2021


It is time to celebrate for the first snow in this winter! Minor Snow, also known as "Xiao Xue" in Chinese, will begin on Friday night. It is the 20th solar term of the Chinese lunar year, followed by the Major Snow on December 7.
12:26, 22-Nov-2019
When winter comes, the ground gets cold and plants wither. But some plants can withstand the frost and cold, bringing life to the desolate world.
12:23, 08-Nov-2019