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Marking a climactic end to China's Spring Festival celebrations, the traditional Lantern Festival has transformed the country into a sea of bright, dazzling light.
Culture China
18:44, 06-Feb-2023
The 2023 Lantern Festival Gala held by China Media Group (CMG) aired on Sunday and received a positive reaction from viewers.
Culture China
21:20, 06-Feb-2023
A special exhibition of artworks created by Chinese ink and wash painting master Fan Zeng is being held from Jan. 15 to Feb. 28, 2023 at Rongbaozhai.
Culture China
17:20, 06-Feb-2023
Science and art, tradition and innovation, ancient and modern styles – all of these are interconnected in Professor Lu Xiaobo's world.
18:38, 06-Feb-2023
1 man, 1 mission, 100 days: To learn Peking Opera. On the last day, Nadim faces his toughest test: The audience.
Culture China
13:50, 10-Feb-2022
Culture China
15:51, 01-Feb-2022
As the green hub in Wuhan City, the East Lake Park has 33 square kilometers of water.
09:58, 10-Nov-2022
The Chinese film 'In Search of Lost Time' directed by Hong Kong filmmaker Derek Yee will be the opening night film for the 12th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF), which kicks off on August 13.
Culture China
15:08, 11-Aug-2022
Su Zhen, a renowned Chinese musician, has used her mastery of the viola, a Western stringed instrument, to showcase the beauty of traditional Chinese music.
14:09, 10-Jun-2022
Following Liang Si, a photographer who fell in love with plants, to find out why people garden, how to garden and the stories behind gardens.
14:13, 13-Dec-2022
Bolivian artist Claudia Callizaya has a unique take on portraiture, and her newest creation outfits a woman with a similar steady gaze as the famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo DaVinci, but with a traditional bowler hat worn by Bolivia’s Indigenous Aymara and Quechua women.
Latin America
06:55, 03-Jun-2022
Virgil Abloh, the American-born son of Ghanaian immigrants who became fashion's highest profile Black designer and the creative mind behind Louis Vuitton's menswear collections, died on Sunday at age 41 in Chicago, following a two-year battle with a rare form of cancer.
11:36, 29-Nov-2021
A manuscript co-written by Albert Einstein on his theory of relativity was auctioned Tuesday for 11.7 million euros ($13 million).
09:14, 24-Nov-2021
Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory message to the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF) during a ceremony to commemorate the foundation's 40th anniversary in Beijing on Tuesday.
16:02, 31-May-2022
Sunday was China's 32nd National Disability Day. CGTN visited a special education school in the southwest that trains students with intellectual and physical disabilities for the Special Olympics.
15:00, 17-May-2022
Contemporary Chinese youth enjoy a rich intellectual and cultural life as well as an increased level of education, according to the white paper "Youth of China in the New Era" released Thursday by China's State Council Information Office.
Culture China
14:28, 21-Apr-2022
Middle East
04:58, 13-Jul-2022
Middle East
04:58, 13-Jul-2022
Latin America
03:46, 30-Jun-2022
Latin America
03:46, 30-Jun-2022
Museums across China will hold an array of events, both online and offline, to mark the International Museum Day which falls on Wednesday.
Culture China
15:32, 17-May-2022


Major Snow is the 21st of the total 24 solar terms in the Chinese lunar year. It is also the third solar term of winter, which marks the arrival of midwinter.
10:33, 07-Dec-2019
It is time to celebrate for the first snow in this winter! Minor Snow, also known as "Xiao Xue" in Chinese, will begin on Friday night. It is the 20th solar term of the Chinese lunar year, followed by the Major Snow on December 7.
12:26, 22-Nov-2019
When winter comes, the ground gets cold and plants wither. But some plants can withstand the frost and cold, bringing life to the desolate world.
12:23, 08-Nov-2019