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Xu Yuanchong, China's most renowned master translator, died in Beijing at the age of 100 on Thursday, according to Peking University.
11:35, 17-Jun-2021
Ningbo joined the "1-trillion-yuan GDP club" in 2018, which consists of Chinese cities with annual GDP exceeding 1 trillion yuan ($156.3 billion), in addition to achievements in economic development, the development of tourism in the city is also remarkable.
15:10, 17-Jun-2021
A university existed only for over eight years in China's educational history, but it nurtured more than 8,000 students who have played a big role in the nation's revolution and construction. This prominent school was the National Southwest Associated University.
14:43, 16-Jun-2021
Chinese indie rock band Miserable Faith is about to release a charity music video to raise awareness about village doctors. CGTN talked with them during one of their recent tours in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
20:48, 16-Jun-2021
The highly-anticipated exhibition featuring Japanese Oscar-winning animation giant Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli has debuted at Beijing's Today Museum. CGTN reporter Yang Yan was among the first visitors to get a glimpse of the fascinating show.
20:04, 16-Jun-2021
Red tourism was a popular choice during this year's three-day Dragon Boat Festival holiday that ended on Monday, according to China's largest online travel agency Trip.com.
19:31, 15-Jun-2021
As Chinese society starts to focus more on personal well-being and higher standards of living, more women are speaking out about their struggle with obsessing over weight loss and a flawless body image.
China Pulse
12:49, 25-May-2021
The largest diamond ever cut in Russia – a 100.94 carat stone called the Alrosa Spectacle – will be auctioned in Geneva later this month.
11:16, 08-May-2021
Chinese brands are winning increasingly more consumers in recent years, especially among the younger generation.
18:07, 10-May-2021
Two decades ago, the Taliban were swept from power by a U.S.-led invasion. With them went a ban on modern education and science, as well as arts and music. The generation born since then has played a pivotal role in re-introducing Afghan culture to the war-torn country. But it's a fragile work in progress still at risk from a potential peace deal between the Taliban and the Afghan government, as Jack Barton reports from Kabul.
14:40, 06-Jun-2021
Three years after the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan, Rangina Hamidi founded the first woman-owned and woman-run social enterprise in her home province of Kandahar. But, Hamidi was convinced that the key to empowering Afghan women was through education and her campaigns to get more girls into classroom eventually saw her become the first female Afghan minister of education in three decades. CGTN's Jack Barton sat down with Hamidi in Kabul to talk about the importance of education and what a peace deal with the Taliban might hold for her country's future.
19:47, 05-Jun-2021
Da Long, a resident of Baji Village, on the outskirts of Nyingchi in China's Tibet Autonomous Region, is content with his life there. The 75-year-old said his apartment has been renovated with reinforced concrete, so he no longer worries about earthquakes.
22:54, 14-Jun-2021


The Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. The Grain in Ear, also known as Mangzhong, the ninth solar term, begins on June 6 this year. The syllable Mang refers to the awn on the seed shell of cereal plants. The beginning of the Grain in Ear means the grains are mature, so it is a solar term reflecting agricultural phenology.
Culture China
08:54, 06-Jun-2019
The beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere marks a critical time in the growth of crops. 
12:07, 21-May-2019
Heavy showers pour down, claps of thunder rumble – the increase of thundershowers signifies the arrival of summer.
18:39, 06-May-2019
The sixth solar term – grain rain or guyu in Chinese  – falls on April 20, and marks the end of spring.
12:32, 20-Apr-2019