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Join CGTN on an adventure into the mysterious Tianshan Grand Canyon in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
Urumqi, China
09:00, 26-Oct-2020
Join CGTN to learn how locals prepare "Green leaves banquet" in southwest China's Yunnan Province.
Longchuan County, China
11:00, 26-Oct-2020
The Chat Room
Headline Buster
Amazing Xinjiang
Digital Safari
From the coronavirus frontlines
Campus Crawl
Volunteers from around the world share their experience on poverty alleviation.
Beijing, China
20:00, 12-Oct-2020
In this episode of "The Chat Room," we invite animal lovers, pet owners, stray rescue volunteers, and veterinary professionals to share their stories with our furry friends.
Beijing, China
20:00, 27-Sep-2020
How are schools coping with COVID-19?
Beijing, China
20:00, 12-Sep-2020
Gardening enthusiasts from the U.S., Italy and China show us around their gardens and reveal what they grow and how gardening helps them get through the coronavirus pandemic.
Beijing, China
20:00, 05-Sep-2020
In this episode of The Chat Room, CGTN has invited people who have been involved in a life quest of love, to share their stories of connection and companionship in this special time of isolation.
Beijing, China
13:30, 26-Aug-2020
What's next for music in the post-pandemic era?
Beijing, China
20:00, 20-Aug-2020
More people are engaging with social media while they isolate themselves from crowds. "The Chat Room" invites social media influencers to discuss the power of social media amid the pandemic.
Beijing, China
08:00, 14-Aug-2020
In this week's Headline Buster, China marked the 70th anniversary of entering the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea at the DPRK's request.
Beijing, China
11:00, 23-Oct-2020
Eradicating poverty is no small task. Join CGTN's Wang Guan to see why some media outlets are so skeptical of China's poverty alleviation efforts.
Beijing, China
11:00, 16-Oct-2020
Join CGTN to find out how and why Trump mistook UN General Assembly for re-election podium.
Beijing, China
11:00, 25-Sep-2020
China's "clean plate" campaign: Why are Western media making it sound so unsavory?
Beijing, China
11:00, 04-Sep-2020
A look back: What media got wrong about China and COVID-19?
Beijing, China
11:00, 28-Aug-2020
Are some media outlets exaggerating concerns over China's COVID-19 vaccine?
Beijing, China
11:00, 21-Aug-2020
Join this week's Headline Buster to see if media is pushing politics over pandemic in Hong Kong election coverage?
Beijing, China
11:00, 14-Aug-2020
Is TikTok another victim of Trump's political stunt?
Beijing, China
11:00, 07-Aug-2020
Sayram Lake is located in northern Tianshan Mountains in Bortala Mongol Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
Sayram Lake, China
09:00, 12-Oct-2020
Tianshan Grand Canyon is a masterpiece of nature with unique colored rocks.
Urumqi, China
12:00, 11-Oct-2020
Fairy Bay is a scenic spot in Kanas Nature Reserve, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China
11:00, 11-Oct-2020
Join CGTN for an aerial view of Urumqi from Hongshan Mountain, the highest point in the city.
Urumqi, China
11:00, 09-Oct-2020
Join CGTN's He Weiwei to explore one of world's largest bazaars in Xinjiang's Urumqi.
Urumqi, China
16:30, 09-Oct-2020
As autumn rolls around, myriad colors turn Urumqi into a park, and Mount Bogda, a snow-capped mountain peak all year round, is within sight.
Urumqi, China
13:30, 08-Oct-2020
Follow CGTN to find out more about Akhal-Teke and other horse breeds in China's largest Akhal-Teke horse base in Xinjiang's Urumqi.
Urumqi, China
16:00, 08-Oct-2020
Join CGTN in Urumqi and get ready for a special giveaway of local goodies.
Urumqi, China
20:00, 06-Oct-2020
Jiaohe ancient city on the western outskirts of Turpan is the largest, oldest and best-preserved city of native architecture in the world.
Turpan, China
19:00, 06-Oct-2020
Don't miss the journey through the southern African terrain to track wild game.
12:30, 15-Sep-2020
Wake up with the giraffes of the Maasai Mara, while the cheetahs further south go in search of breakfast. In the Maasai Mara, predators are taking advantage of every minute of the migration.
12:30, 13-Sep-2020
On today's Digital Safari, we head to the banks of the Mara River to watch as the action unfolds and the migration continues. Further south, the antelopes are out to survey the morning scenery.
12:30, 11-Sep-2020
Bask in an African sunrise as we venture out in search of lions as they seek a spot to settle or a last minute meal before the heat of the day hits.
12:30, 09-Sep-2020
The number of wild rhinos is dwindling and they are named as critically endangered species around the world. Catch up with all your favorite characters, from the endangered rhinos to the lion prides of the Maasai Mara.
12:30, 07-Sep-2020
Are hyenas clans the fiercest in the Maasai Mara?
12:30, 12-Sep-2020
Today on Digital Safari we're catching up with our favorite families of the African wild, from the Djuma hyena clan and leopards of the Lowveld to the lion prides of the Maasai Mara.
12:30, 05-Sep-2020
Spot the cuties along the banks of the Mara River in African wildlife migration.
12:30, 14-Sep-2020
The top U.S. public health agency stirred confusion by posting — and then taking down — an apparent change in its position on how easily the coronavirus can spread from person to person on small droplets in the air.
08:27, 22-Sep-2020
How are students around the world studying and living amid a pandemic? Students from the UK, France, Spain, the U.S., Thailand and China share their insights and thoughts.
Beijing, China
20:00, 06-Aug-2020
CGTN invites doctors from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and China to exchange their views on dealing with the new norm in cities around the world.
Beijing, China
20:00, 29-Jul-2020
Online education and telecommuting have become the new normal. How to better cope with the unprecedented changes caused by the coronavirus?
Beijing, China
10:30, 26-Jul-2020
CGTN's COVID-19 Frontline invites three veteran experts from Peking University First Hospital to share coronavirus treatment experience with Mexican peers.
Beijing, China
10:00, 22-Jul-2020
Experts from the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University and Xi'an CDC exchange their prevention experience with overseas counterparts from Zambia and Canada.
Beijing, China
20:00, 13-Jul-2020
For many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our relationship with food. How will the post-pandemic food supply system look? And how did it change our eating habits? Join CGTN for more.
Beijing, China
10:00, 11-Jul-2020
Zhang Boli and his team share COVID-19 treatment experiences with Ghana counterparts.
Beijing, China
18:16, 08-Jul-2020
Doctors from China and Africa exchange COVID-19 treatment experience.
Beijing, China
20:00, 02-Jul-2020
CampusCrawl has come to the University of Macau! UM students share their diverse culture and education. Find out how the university connects itself to the rest of the world.
Macao, China
11:00, 18-Dec-2019
Nanjing University is one of China's key comprehensive universities, located in the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties – east China's Nanjing. Let's check out this fascinating school today!
Nanjing, China
11:15, 06-Dec-2019
How to become master gamers? Follow us to get a closer look at Xi'an Jiaotong University's self-developed VEX robots, rowing club as well as its race car club.
Xi'an, China
11:00, 17-Oct-2019
Yunnan University features stunning scenery with an array of flowers that perfume its beautiful gardens and college halls all year round. What’s the best season to have a fresh rose banquet?
Kunming, China
11:00, 05-Sep-2019
Join CGTN Campus Crawl as we explore the surprising academic achievements at NW China's mysterious Lanzhou University.
Lanzhou, China
14:00, 01-Aug-2019
The closing ceremony of the Central Academy of Fine Arts’ graduation exhibition is drawing near. How is this year’s work making an impact in media, form and language?
Beijing, China
13:00, 24-Jun-2019