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Andrew Korybko
Only true multilateralism aimed at mutually beneficial cooperation can suffice for saving the world. As it's consistently done for the past half-century, China will continue to inspire all others by its example.
17:20, 25-Oct-2021
Tao Wenzhao
The democratization of international politics still has a long way to go. Developing countries must be given more prominence on the world stage and be included in global governance to facilitate this process.
17:02, 25-Oct-2021
First Voice
Any unilateral actions to change the PRC's place in the UN will be met with fierce defense from China and all of the Chinese people.
13:28, 25-Oct-2021
16:17, 25-Sep-2020


Siddharth Chatterjee
China and the UN will re-imagine, innovate, reinvigorate and continue the hard and daily work and dedicate themselves anew to creating lasting prosperity for the people of China and all the world.
10:16, 25-Oct-2021
Anthony Moretti
China's relations with Turkey are on the rise, and with the wedge between the U.S. and Turkey widening, the cooperation between China and Turkey is likely to be strengthened for mutual benefits.
19:53, 25-Oct-2021
Gao Lei
Environmental degradation and the cask effect of the Yellow River must be prevented in order to advance China's development.
14:43, 24-Oct-2021
Madeleine Albright, et al.
These ideas and related proposals for global governance innovation can help rebuild the trust and regenerate the solidarity needed to restore and strengthen people's confidence in their multilateral institutions.
12:51, 24-Oct-2021
Azhar Azam
China was the only country where exports of Latin America and the Caribbean registered an increase in 2020 against an overall drop of 13 percent.
16:59, 24-Oct-2021
Stephen Ndegwa
It is foolhardy to think Sino-Russia relations are in vain. Some leaders do not rejoice in the success of other countries and perpetually conjure machinations to undermine and destroy their progress and partnership.
13:19, 24-Oct-2021
"The time for talk is over. Now is the time for action," Seychelles' President Wavel Ramkalawan said, urging industrialized countries to take concrete action to help developing countries fight against climate change.
TV Show
18:29, 21-Oct-2021
Helga Zepp-LaRouche
Defeating COVID-19 needs global efforts based on science, not politics.
14:08, 11-Oct-2021
Huo Zhengxin
The Meng Wanzhou case was not a real legal case, but a politicized one from the very beginning.
20:08, 30-Sep-2021
Take Note
Meng's return is a cause for celebration but also a time for cautiousness.
17:53, 27-Sep-2021



16:17, 25-Sep-2020
Jonathon Lenett
15:20, 22-Oct-2021
Michael A. Mehari
As the Chinese middle class continues to grow, the search for better education opportunities will continue to intensify and there will not be a shortage in options. But making careful and informed choices will be key for their children's long-term success.
13:15, 05-Aug-2021
Leon Hady
To cast our net wider of teachers, including to non-graduates and make those courses free, is a feasible option for the teacher crisis.
18:43, 30-Jul-2021
Yu Mengjie
Thankfully, Facebook and Twitter realized their social responsibility and did something to curb future incitement from the president.
23:08, 11-Jan-2021