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Wang Guan
The Trump administration's anti-China campaign is reminiscent of "Red Scare" half a century ago. What were the lessons then that the United States and China should learn now?
14:54, 06-Aug-2020
Pompeo's idea of a "Clean Fortress" America reflects the racially-tinged, nationalistic, America First populism of his president, and will not be the last salvo as we wind down the 2020 presidential race.
15:37, 06-Aug-2020
Mario Cavolo
This is 2020. Not the time for 1950's McCarthyism. This is China, stronger, prouder and more capable than ever. The U.S. should stop the lies and show some compassion and respect to China.
08:12, 06-Aug-2020
Tom Fowdy
The move is provocative and, of course, endemic of a White House that seeks to lash out at China, disrupt and raise the stake on every front possible, but the move is not as unprecedented as it appears.
08:47, 06-Aug-2020
Guy Burton
The deal only covers 20 percent of Argentina's overall public debt, which totals 323 billion U.S. dollars. For the remainder, the government will either need to repay it, reschedule it, or default on it.
19:27, 06-Aug-2020
Zheng Yongnian
China has reached a stage where Washington's China policy, in whatever shape or form, can no longer stop its rise. But if people too quickly embrace what some Americans believe, thinking that the U.S. is on the decline or about to fall apart, and China can therefore "replace" it, major strategic misjudgments will occur.
21:38, 05-Aug-2020
08:10, 06-Aug-2020
Daron Acemoglu
The improvements of the past 200 years are the fruits of industrialization, made possible by our acquisition of knowledge and mastery of technology. But this process involved trade-offs.
08:10, 06-Aug-2020
Haider Rifaat
There is a dire need for filmmakers and writers to portray Asian actors in strong, lead roles that would help them conquer the typecast label and ultimately, change our perception about them in Hollywood.
07:46, 06-Aug-2020
Huang Jiyuan
Johnson cannot go all in on one, and he cannot afford not to appease everybody.
11:21, 05-Aug-2020
Timothy Kerswell
Postponing the election would have little international impact. The U.S. and its allies have already taken most of the actions that they're capable of in response to the national security law for the HKSAR, that isn't much else they can do.  
08:29, 04-Aug-2020
CGTN Insight
The increasing volume of criticism against China means only one thing: desperation.
15:54, 31-Jul-2020
World Insight with Tian Wei
Given that we're two nuclear powers and the world's two biggest economies, even a small, the small probability of a very damaging event is intolerable.
TV Show
10:50, 06-Aug-2020