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China is now an equal to the U.S. which can hold its own. There can be no containment, no pushing it back to subordination or back in a box.
11:08, 14-Oct-2019
Huang Yongfu
The tech supply chain shouldn't be disrupted by the U.S.'s security-driven politics, especially given the extensive negative effect it creates. Regulation of it could benefit all.
21:05, 14-Oct-2019
Andrew Korybko
U.S.' withdrawal of roughly 1,000 troops is a shrewd move intended to "kill two birds with one stone" instead of a panicked reaction.
17:25, 14-Oct-2019
Andrew Korybko
The Sino-Indian "Chennai Connect" heralds a new era of cooperation between the two countries.
11:11, 13-Oct-2019
Bobby Naderi
The hope is that both China and the U.S. will continue to fill the thorny blanks, return the favor, and help move the negotiations forward.
12:21, 13-Oct-2019
Li Zheng
China and the United States are exploring ways to cooperate and rebuild mutual-trust.
22:17, 12-Oct-2019
David Lee
Eliud Kipchoge's feat belongs to humanity, which, despite so many weaknesses and shortcomings, remains keen to be "higher, faster and stronger."
14:49, 14-Oct-2019
Freddie Reidy
As a consequence of the Turkish military operation, prisons held ISIL fighters have been left with less forces.
17:31, 13-Oct-2019
Azhar Azam
China-Pakistan Economic Corridor will push the unique relationship between the two countries to new heights.
13:49, 12-Oct-2019
CGTN's Liu Xin
Imagine an executive of a foreign company operating in the U.S. tweeting in support of racism and continues to defend that statement in the name of freedom of expression, what would the backlash be for that person and that company?
00:26, 10-Oct-2019
Dialogue With Yang Rui
As neighbors in South Asia, India and Nepal share a long tradition of friendship and cooperation. The triangular relationship between China, India, and Nepal, therefore, has raised increasing interests in the region.
TV Show
21:25, 11-Oct-2019
The Heat
The ongoing Iraqi protests has caused severe casualties, and it seems that the chaos is to continue.
TV Show
14:57, 12-Oct-2019
World Insight with Tian Wei
How the talks are structured and how many rounds it takes is something that the environment will shape.
TV Show
22:46, 10-Oct-2019