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Zoom In with Zou Yue
We have to be cool-headed. This is a battle between man and nature. The only tool we can use is the science of medicine. And the only way is to use it with humility and patience.
21:30, 26-Jan-2020
Contrary to what the Western media has depicted, China is ensuring religious freedom for Uygurs in Xinjiang while protecting everyone from terroristic activities.
08:38, 27-Jan-2020
The facts that are established, usually the root importance of any court-like procedure, are in effect largely irrelevant because the process has been reduced to a meager question of who's team you are on and supporting.
08:03, 27-Jan-2020
Hannan Hussain
Ultimately, much depends on how the U.S. will be able to confirm Taliban's compliance with any tangible agreement in Doha.
14:14, 27-Jan-2020
Matteo Giovannini
The event in Davos has demonstrated China's growing leadership in innovation-related fields are influencing the working agenda of global forums and the future strategies of other countries.
12:10, 26-Jan-2020
William Jones
In their eagerness to blacken the Chinese government's appropriate and forceful response to this terrible new virus, some Western media has lost all sense of morality – and sanity.
13:24, 27-Jan-2020
Ji Xianbai
The strong and flourishing cultural ties vested under the Chinese and traditional new year celebrations in Southeast Asia serve as the human foundation of lasting peace and prosperity in Asia and beyond.
12:41, 25-Jan-2020
Kong Qingjiang
While China's response is developing, the country needs to examine whether improvements can be made by looking into its efforts and borrowing the experience that the WHO and the international community have accumulated in this regard throughout the years.
14:18, 25-Jan-2020
Azhar Azam
If the U.S. is truly concerned about Pakistan and people of the country, it should resolutely back CPEC and boost its trade and investment with the terror-hit country.
13:13, 26-Jan-2020
World Insight with Tian Wei
"Public health is now the top, top priority of my government. It's to ensure that we will not be made vulnerable by the spread of this disease," said Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive Carrie Lam.
TV Show
22:59, 24-Jan-2020
The Point with Liu Xin
Professor Leung said the quick response by the Chinese government to the Wuhan outbreak shows a vast improvement on Chinese government's "willingness, openness, and sense of transparency" from 17 years ago.
TV Show
11:27, 23-Jan-2020
World Insight with Tian Wei
Ghana has been enjoying a big name in China because the country is trying to encourage entrepreneurship in Africa.
TV Show
23:20, 23-Jan-2020
World Insight with Tian Wei
"The genetic data is already known, and vaccine developments are already started. The virus has already been isolated; the sequences have been shared," said Richard Hatchett, CEO of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations.
TV Show
21:15, 23-Jan-2020