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CGTN Insight
When national security is a question of concern, Beijing has to step in.
14:59, 04-Jul-2020
Headline Buster
The point here is not to call out critical coverage of China; people are entitled to their opinions, of course. But it is important to call out imbalanced reporting on a topic that clearly has more than just one side.
10:39, 04-Jul-2020
Alexander Soros
Many European pundits seem to think that a Democratic administration in the United States wouldn't change much about how the U.S. has treated Europe since 2017. But if Joe Biden defeats President Donald Trump in November, the skeptics will find themselves pleasantly surprised.
07:27, 04-Jul-2020
Tom Fowdy
Boris's "safe list" is not meted on scientific and public health considerations, but instead on political and commercial objectives.
08:41, 04-Jul-2020
Pan Deng
The rule of law is one of the core values cherished by the Hong Kong society. For the Chinese central government, it's part of its natural duty to protect the rule of law, care for Hong Kong and think for its long-term stability and prosperity.
08:23, 04-Jul-2020
Alessandro Golombiewski Teixeira
COVID-19 is like a stress-test, Unicorns that survive it might have new opportunities presented before them.
10:43, 04-Jul-2020
William Jones
Trump's pretending that the epidemic will go away and trying to appeal to Americans' "patriotic feelings" to win support for his campaign can only lead to a dead end in November.
07:37, 04-Jul-2020
Wamika Kapur
The ban is a temporary feel-good measure to contain the hyper-nationalist anti-China sentiment building in India. It is highly likely that after meetings with the India teams of the apps, on data policies, the decision would be reversed.
17:10, 03-Jul-2020
Wang Guan
Beijing's new national security law for Hong Kong has sparked fears that this is the end of free speech and autonomy in the special administrative region. Is that true? What did Western politicians and commentators fail to understand about this law? CGTN anchor Wang Guan explains in this week's Reality Check with Wang Guan.
15:24, 02-Jul-2020
Robert Griffith and Joti Brar
It's about time that countries in the West learned to genuinely respect national sovereignty. They demand it for themselves, but they don't practice it when it comes to other countries.
08:53, 02-Jul-2020
New technologies can help give patients in less developed areas access to more equitable healthcare. However, the United States is pursuing a path that might hinder the sharing of these benefits around the world.
12:23, 03-Jul-2020
World Insight with Tian Wei
When Friedman looks at the uncoordinated response across 50 states, he is frightened at how the U.S. can't even agree on doing the easy things.
TV Show
20:35, 03-Jul-2020