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Zhu Huachen
A well-designed investigation with a reasonable hypothesis will help with the conduct of the research. Stigmatization of the origin and smear of the efforts from those who are trying to reveal the truth must be stopped.
10:22, 31-Jul-2021
While American private contractors may no longer be in it even for the duration, Chinese investors and experts will always stay on the job to make sure the reconstruction aid they contracted to deliver reaches Afghans and benefits their communities.
10:30, 30-Jul-2021
Bradley Blankenship
The CDC should have just never opened these floodgates to begin within May because it was never going to work as intended. This is now yet another devastating blow to the credibility of public health officials that could have been so easily avoided.
16:39, 30-Jul-2021
16:17, 25-Sep-2020


Hamzah Rifaat Hussain
China and ASEAN have adopted a pragmatic and practical approach towards identifying new areas of cooperation. All this bodes well for the future of the Asia Pacific.
19:58, 30-Jul-2021
Jean Pisani-Ferry
If Draghi succeeds, he will change the European conversation. If he fails, the EU's recovery plan will be remembered as a waste of money. Italy's latest prime minister is playing for high stakes indeed.
12:53, 30-Jul-2021
Willem H. Buiter
Given the unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on labor markets, there is a spirited debate over whether the U.S. economy is close to returning to its full potential. If it is, the U.S. Federal Reserve is at risk of falling behind the curve.
21:31, 29-Jul-2021
Edward Tse
The overhaul of the private education sector is believed to be a key step towards reducing the workload for students and also a way to reduce the costs of bringing up children in China.
21:30, 30-Jul-2021
Alexander Ayertey Odonkor
The BRI has proven to be essential for bridging infrastructure gaps, promoting inclusive growth, alleviating poverty and bolstering economic growth.
10:30, 30-Jul-2021
Jonathan Bailor
Just as we have challenged Big Tobacco by ensuring that every American knows how harmful cigarettes are, we need to push back against Big Food's normalization of processed foods.
07:38, 30-Jul-2021
World Insight with Tian Wei
Cai Yun, badminton player and Olympic gold medalist
15:44, 30-Jul-2021
Straight Talk
The U.S should give up using human rights as a weapon, and instead focus on giving Americans a better life.
20:44, 13-Jul-2021



16:17, 25-Sep-2020
Leon Hady
To cast our net wider of teachers, including to non-graduates and make those courses free, is a feasible option for the teacher crisis.
18:43, 30-Jul-2021
Khalid Akhal
Biden does not seem to be interested in economics as much as he is in politics this time! He is simply seeking to move the economy a bit and the voters a lot.
21:21, 13-Jul-2021
Yu Mengjie
Thankfully, Facebook and Twitter realized their social responsibility and did something to curb future incitement from the president.
23:08, 11-Jan-2021
Graham Smith
This isn't the sleepy backwater of 13 years ago; this is now a city bubbling with life, in the way that China does so excitingly.
17:54, 18-Nov-2020