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Chinese President Xi Jinping, speaking via video at a high-level meeting on the 25th anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women on Thursday, called on the international community to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on women and strive for genuine gender equality.
21:24, 01-Oct-2020

CGTN documentary: 75 years on, the UN goes through testing times

CGTN made an exclusive documentary to go through the times and tides of this mighty organization and looks into its future.

12:53, 27-Sep-2020
Multilateralism is not the main cause that gave rise to nationalism and unilateralism. Demagogues gave rise to them, offering simple-minded solutions to simple-minded people grasping for easy solutions to complex problems.
16:52, 23-Sep-2020
Andrew Korybko
Just like the Cold War arose out of the World War II, a cold war may emerge in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, seeing how hostile the U.S. has been toward China sine this global crisis began.
16:27, 23-Sep-2020
Bradley Blankenship
The one major impediment to international solidarity is the same that has existed since the UN's founding – the actions of some powerful member states that undermine the principles of the UN charter.
23:03, 22-Sep-2020
07:48, 22-Sep-2020
Javier Solana
The best homage to the UN's 75 years, and to the constructive spirit of the peace factory's first diplomats, would be to turn the organization into a reliable parapet from which to face the convulsions we can keep expecting in the 21st century.
07:48, 22-Sep-2020
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