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Sports, music, podcasts help students with cross-cultural dialogue

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Military expert explains why China insists on non-alliance

Doubts over 'rule of law' mentioned by U.S., Philippines

Philippine official refuses to answer questions on South China Sea

Chinese defense minister meets with Singaporean counterpart

Chinese defense minister meets with Singaporean PM

Chinese defense minister meets U.S. counterpart in Singapore

Chinese Folk Tales: Friendship legend

Three things to know about Equatorial Guinea

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World leaders reiterate commitment to one-China principle

Robot dogs showcased at China-Cambodia joint military exercise

Frigate Nantong joins military drills surrounding Taiwan island

Harvard bars 13 pro-Palestinian students from receiving degrees

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PLA releases simulation animation of drills around Taiwan island

Ports hold significant weight in President Xi Jinping's mind

Amid waves of outcries about Gaza, Blinken's silence is deafening

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PLA Eastern Theater Command releases posters

Xinjiang project supplies over 770 billion kWh of electricity to 20 provinces

University street dance club members join #BreakdanceParis

Pingtan trip strengthens South Pacific reporters' ties with China

How Biden's new tariffs on China could harm everyone

Asoka trend ignites Chinese trend sparking latest cultural makeup sensation

Recalling talking to late Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi

University students join Breakdance Paris global challenge

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Explore China visa-free via cruise ship!

B-boy duo showcase #BreakdanceParis routine

Enhancing your tea experience: blooming flowers

Enhancing your tea experience: guzheng melodies

Enhancing your tea experience: calming incense

Enhancing your tea experience: a tea ceremony

AI Avatar Pippi: Celebrate International Tea Day with us!

China warns Philippine vessels that illegally entered waters off Huangyan Island

B-boy Ytwo shows cool breaking moves

G2 Kesha enjoys his life in Chengdu during League of Legends MSI

Unconventional basketball: Aunties take the court!

China Coast Guard conducts training in waters off Huangyan Island

Philippine fishermen caught urinating, spitting in South China Sea

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Xi stresses family ties for wellbeing of both people and nation

China launches the Shiyan-23 satellite into orbit

When Budapest meets hanfu

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Hugarian students welcome President Xi with folk dance and flowers

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The greatest welcome ceremony in Hungary? Absolutely!

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Hungarians welcome Chinese President Xi Jinping

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Giant Chinese flag displayed in Serbia to welcome Chinese friends

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Beijing to Paris: Youths from China and France exchange good wishes

Overseas Chinese warmly welcome President Xi Jinping in Tarbes, France

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Let's be friends! Bridging China-France youth exchange

CGTN reporter at the scene for Chinese President Xi's arrival in Paris

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Operas without borders

When breaking meets aerobic gymnastics

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Ex-Hungarian player opens door for youth football in Qingdao

Xi's visit to France writes new chapter of friendship: China official

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Global Watch Editor's Pick Ep. 17: Happy May Day

Hundreds of Chinese high-speed trains depart on May Day holiday

Serbian trader aspires to be a bridge between his country and China

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Q&A: What makes a perfect May Day holiday?

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Why does the U.S. always target the wrong issues?

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Turkish shadow puppetry performances in Beijing

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How do Chengdu and Montpellier locals spend their leisure time?

The 'or sing in Chinese' trend unveiled

Why 'Golden Urn' matters for reincarnation in Tibetan Buddhism

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Exploring the 14th Beijing International Film Festival

Lightning strikes Canton Tower 6 times in one hour

Chinese theme song for radio drama series 'Echoes of Kuliang' released

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BJIFF2024: What Chinese films would you recommend?

'This is a business model the American people do not support'

China launches new remote sensing satellite

San Francisco mayor admires China's high-speed train system

Trailer for radio drama 'Echoes of Kuliang'

Trailer of the radio drama 'Echoes of Kuliang'

China firmly supports Palestine in becoming full UN member: MOFA

Enjoy the traditional beauty of peonies during Guyu period

Trapped kitten saved by police officer after rain in Dubai

Unlock your breakdancing moves with the World Champ Tutorial!

When peonies meet AI

AI-generated video explains time-honored traditions of Grain Rain

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7-day workout with AI coach in Hainan

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Culture Atlas: Three things you may not know about Suriname

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Exploring the ecological transformation of our mother river