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Divers perform traditional underwater dance in NW China
Watch: Planes glide over traditional Chinese pavilions
Official persists in creating jobs to shake off poverty
Thai PM thanks China for sharing COVID-19 vaccine
Women in disguise caught trying to get COVID-19 vaccine in Florida
Early cherry blossoms deliver spring to Wuhan University
NASA's Perseverance rover sends back its first two images of Mars
Police build emergency snow shelter in blizzard in NW China
How much do you know about China's Spring Festival Gala?
MOFA extends Chinese New Year greetings
Exclusive: CGTN Quick Quiz with anchor Zhong Shi
Exclusive: CGTN Quick Quiz with anchor Tian Wei
Exclusive: CGTN Quick Quiz with anchor Wang Guan
Exclusive: CGTN Quick Quiz with anchor Li Dongning
Beijing to write history in hosting Olympics: IOC president
Village official: Grow villagers' income by developing TCM industry
'We should've stayed': Evacuated Briton regrets leaving China
Nanwan Monkey Island in south China's Hainan
Zaopocu, a taste of wholeness of life | Go! Hainan
Ching Bo Leung with coconut milk – the sweetness of Hainan Island
Why do people in Hainan like to eat fruit with salt and chili pepper?
Dongfang, Hainan's westernmost city with a contradictory name
How does one banyan tree become six?
Baicha boat house, the last ancient village of the Li people
New rescue hole to be drilled to reach trapped miners in Shandong
Miao Embroidery: Walking history books of its people
Go Hainan: Simple things you can do to protect coral reefs
Serbian president appreciates China's COVID-19 vaccine support
How many monikers does Hainan's Wenchang have?
Go Hainan: meet the Chinese 'sea gypsies' in Lingshui County
Go Hainan: The 'tree of life' and its many uses
80-year-old Chinese model talks about her 30-year career
A grassroots official helps villagers in Yunnan out of poverty
54-year-old volunteer dies during disinfection work
China's 63-year-old man takes winter swimming to new level
Volunteers carry supplies to quarantined students in NE China varsity
Eccentric Chinese bridge becomes a tourist hit
Hundreds of drones create big smiles in the sky
Bark-etball! Tiny 3-year-old corgi is a pro on the court
Medical workers sleep on the floor after busy day testing in NE China
How foreigners view China's poverty alleviation
Zhang Wenhong receives COVID-19 vaccine
Winter is coming: Rime and fog create stunning view in NE China
Man draws tigers in the snow to scare boars
Wild gazelles cross Chinese border for food
Chinese Foreign Ministry sends New Year greetings in 11 language
Riders forced to walk down after roller coaster malfunction
Dramatic: Mothers rescue children after cylinder explosion
Chili industry helps lift Chinese village out of poverty
It's not hard to become a millionaire - Ep. 11 Farm Valentine
Frozen 450-foot-high waterfall resembles Christmas tree in China
109-year-old Italian woman experiences three pandemics
Watch: Pandas' fancy 'mukbang' in SW China
Chinese man uses scrap iron wire to make over 1,000 bonsais
'Wealth fruits' lifted Chinese village out of poverty
Fun in the cold: Creating cloud of ice in NE China
Chinese carpenter makes a wooden Chang'e-5 lunar probe
'Tough girl' leads locals out of remote village for a better life
Chinese man turns old cars into Transformers
Amazing scenery on the way to China's largest nature reserve
Winter fun! School builds 40m snow slide for students in NE China
Ice picking begins for Chagan Lake Ice and Snow World Project
Chinese 'flying man' walks between mountains on iron tightrope
In memory of Nanjing Massacre victims
A man helps his hometown shake off poverty
Student weaves giant Einstein bust with wicker for campus mark
China builds safe housing for mountain villagers amid poverty battle
'Rural Culture Station' brings nourishment in deep mountains
Police rescue dog from freezing river in NW China's Xinjiang
World's largest chocolate nougat made in Madrid
Photographer behind Tenzin's rise says scars bring maturity
Rebuilding houses, renovating lives: the story of a Chinese village
Taking note of people's lives: Working with passion in SW China
Ravenous monkeys treated to buffet amid pandemic
First secretary: Microfinancing helps achieve poverty alleviation goal
After being fed by firemen, stray cat 'stands guard' with them
Giant Olympic rings return as Tokyo bids to build excitement
Winter fishing begins in NE China
Courier rides horse to deliver parcels in NW China
First secretary: Contributing to poverty alleviation is my duty
Young photographer helps elderly in remote areas chronicle their lives
Grass Tailor: Chinese woman creates fashions from nature
Are they frozen jellyfish?
China launches Chang'e-5 to collect, return moon samples
A diamond's trip to a Chinese market from overseas
Enjoy 144-day visa-free entry to S China's Greater Bay Area
62-year-old woman with disabilities wins pole dance competition
How has G20 contributed to global fight against COVID-19?
Walking with Rachel: How can tech boost China's health industry?
Students go to school in heavy snowstorm in N China
China's Lahu people sing and dance their way into a better life
Demonstrators against global security bill clash with police
Conjoined twins separated successfully in Xinjiang
Heroic UK diplomat jumps into water to save drowning woman
From judge to first secretary: Transforming lives in the countryside
It's not hard to become a millionaire - Ep.9 New Era Farmer
First Secretary: People's smiles tell me they approve of my work
German anti-lockdown demo met with counter-protest
Tourist spot Spark Lake in SW China reclaims beauty after quake
Agricultural products video featuring senior villagers goes viral
Green, smart, high-tech: A firsthand experience of Shanghai's ports
Stray dog waits for green light at road crossing in NW China
Walking with Rachel: What's the latest trend in China's job market?
At least 10 die in fire at COVID-19 hospital in Romania
Baby insists security guard to test temperature
Mom performs martial arts at parent-teacher meeting
Shennongjia Forestry District at its prettiest
Trump makes first appearance after reportedly losing to Biden
Stunning views of a famous road in central China
Poverty alleviation official: 'My honor to contribute to the village'
Did China 'stall' critical COVID-19 details at the outbreak's start?
AI robots shine at CIIE
CIIE 2020: Helicopters used in Wuhan during pandemic on display
Poverty alleviation official: 'Sincerity will win villagers' approval'
68-year-old lady adopts 1,300 homeless dogs
What is China's 14th Five-Year Plan all about?
Chinese fitness trainer with no legs inspires netizens
Why is China's trade growing amid the pandemic?
Rwanda coffee reaps unexpected success in Chinese e-market
Biden vows to 'make America respected around the world again'
3rd CIIE: Ethiopia wants to leverage China's e-commerce to sell coffee
L'Oreal unveils AI-powered personalized skincare and makeup device
Student gives 'best hairstylist' award to her preschool teacher
NBA brings interactive experience to CIIE
It's not hard to become a millionaire - Ep. 8 Jiarong Sister
Highlights of Intangible Cultural Heritage Show at CIIE
Paper-tearing artist creates CIIE mascot 'Jinbao' within minutes
Is it safe to attend China International Import Expo in a pandemic?
Three 'suns' appear in the sky in Inner Mongolia
NBA players' photo wall at the upcoming CIIE
Horses run through rimed wetlands in Xinjiang
Vienna shooting: 5 killed, gunmen hunted after deadly 'terror' attack
China's hybrid rice yield breaks record
Animation: A tale of two families
Bookstore or magic castle?
'Guizhou good man' helps poor Chinese village with poverty alleviation
Remote mountain village develops animal husbandry to shake off poverty
NE China's 'harvester troop' spends 7 months a year living in trucks
Trump claims son Barron 'threw off' COVID-19 in 12 mins
Chinese physics teacher plays 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' on beakers
Explainer: What's China's roadmap for the next 15 years?
Tracing the origins of chickens sold in Hong Kong
Explainer: What's China's roadmap for the next 15 years?
Primary school students play basketball, shoot arrows on unicycles
NE China's Mohe City welcomes its first snow
Factory in central China makes Soviet-era 'ball tank'
Andrew Bacevich: Threats to national security are changing
In Washington D.C., "endless wars" have become the way to do business
'We want to bring plateau red rice to the world'
76-year-old grandma wears traditional Chinese Hanfu