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Messi becomes first player with assists in five FIFA World Cups!
China pursuing green designs to fight global warming
World Cup 2022: Qatar makes history as earliest host to get eliminated
Chinese man uses Rubik's Cubes to form images of Messi, Ronaldo
World Cup 2022: Cristiano Ronaldo makes history
FIFA praises Japan fans and team for cleaning at World Cup 2022
Spain's Gavi becomes youngest World Cup scorer since Pele
2 major 'surprises' from Asian teams in Qatar 2022
Minor Snow: A fall of snow gives a promise to a fruitful year
Hu Xuan Dance on the murals of Dunhuang
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China's commercial rocket CERES-1 Y4 sends five satellites into orbit
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Zhang Yichao: The guardian of Dunhuang
Remote-controlled robot jockeys race camels in Qatar
The longest range and most powerful launcher at Airshow China
China's high-precision, low-cost, guided projectile in spotlight
Amazing flights at the China Intl. Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition!
Total lunar eclipse's whole process
Chinese Lynx all-terrain military combat vehicle
An invisible shield for army units
Why We Love Dunhuang: The most beautiful dance in Dunhuang
South Korea, U.S. hold joint air drills
MOFA: We aim to make China Space Station a 'home in space' for all
Why We Love Dunhuang: Syama's filial piety story
World's first 4-engine large drone takes maiden flight in China
Filipino 'Skipman' sets 2nd Guinness World Record
China launches satellite for in-orbit verification
Five-year-old Wang Wenxuan practices Chinese Martial Arts
Chinese scientists discover new way to situate the sun
Ingenious Chinese shepherd pilots drone to corral flock
Last solar eclipse of the year captured across the world
12-year-old sword master
Insider Insights: How do Chinese leaders get elected?
CPC National Congress FYI Ep. 4: Is it the only party in China?
Best living conditions for Chinese giant pandas in Qatar
China's success changing minds on communism
Rare lakes spotted in Taklamakan Desert
American teacher's songs introduce the real China to the world
CPC National Congress FYI Ep.3: How it reflects and leads 96m members?
Chinese B-Girl teen sensation
CPC National Congress FYI Ep.2: Who are the delegates?
CPC National Congress FYI Ep.1: What is it?
81-year-old grandmother skips 1,000 times without stopping!
Chinese 'flying car' makes first public flight in Dubai
'China's development is an opportunity, not a threat.'
Young master of Shaolin kung fu — Xu Haican
Fairytale-like Jiuzhaigou Valley welcomes first snow
Japan's Pacific saury catch hits record low in degraded environment
Lava from Italy's Stromboli volcano eruption reaches sea
So cool! Octogenarian makes layups
Chinese performers practice lion dance on poles in water
Cold Dew: Sunset and Moonrise on the River
Double Ninth Festival: Stylish photography images for grandparents
Oriental Pearl Tower AR fireworks show
Highlights: Belarusian guest on her 'fighting nation' label
How China exports its high speed rail technology to other countries
How Xiongan Railway Station changes people's travel
Massive waves pound Key West as Hurricane Ian threatens Florida
Int'l Confucius Cultural Festival to be opened to global audience
UNEP head: China has made a contribution to E-mobility
Host Eva May reads a poem about inner peace by Michelle Nadasi
Qiufen: the Yin and Yang are in a balance of power
Pili Mwinyi reads poem 'Let Peace Prevail In This World'
How to crochet a rose in 30 seconds?
Alina Bezdenezhnyh reads the poem 'Life is not easy'
Su Thet Hmue reads the poem 'Wish for Peacefulness'
Jin'an Jinsha River Bridge
Read a Poem: 'Living in the Precious World' by Chinese poet Haizi
Ukrainian musician Dmitriy Zemsky reads a poem
Read a Poem: 'In me, past, present, future meet' by Siegfried Sassoon
Al-Hassan Selmi reads 'On This Earth' in Gaza Strip
Rachel reads 'Midnight Song: Autumn' to appeal for world peace
The host of Vide Julian reads "Pure Serene Music" for you
Police build a temporary delivery room for a pregnant woman
Confucius Institute's students read 'Prelude to Water Melody'
Youths from many places in the world read poem together
Glamorous light show at Yellow Crane Tower during Mid-Autumn Festival
Zhu Lipeng reads "Drinking Alone Under The Moon" in Henan dialect
Medical workers read English poems
Full moon in China
A 4-year-old boy reads 'A Tranquil Night'
M7.6 earthquake jolts Papua New Guinea: CENC
Liu Jing & Luke read poem 'A Moonlit Night On The Spring River'
Colombian girl reads poem 'Prelude to Water Melody' in Mandarin
American poetry lover Abigail Weathers reads 'Hymn to Cynthia'
CCTV host Meng Tong reads 'Song at the Beginning of Autumn'
Read a Poem: 'Musing on the Moon' by Chinese poet Zhang Jiuling
Read a Poem with INTO1's Patrick
WHO: Last week one person died from COVID every 44 seconds
Excavators open cliffside rescue channels after Sichuan quake
Un lo Man reads famous 'Prelude to Water Melody' in Cantonese
French dancer Bouboo reads 'Clair de Lune' written by Paul Verlaine
Check out this 10-year-old climbing enthusiast!
China launches new satellites for science experiments
Villagers and rescue teams worked together to transport the wounded
China launches new test satellites via Kuaizhou-1A carrier rocket
Exclusive: Rescue workers rush to quake epicenter
Nadim reads a poem about family & reunion ahead of Mid-Autumn Festival
M6.8 earthquake hits SW China's Sichuan Province
CGTN launches global campaign with poem read in Arabic, English
China builds its first high-speed rail crossing the sea
The old archway in Xi 'an skates to new place
CIFTIS 2022: Keywords and new technology preview
Countless volunteers valiantly battle mountain fires
This is China's tallest vehicle assembly building
Iconic 'tree of life' appears amid cataclysmic Chinese drought
58-year-old Chinese man builds a 'manned' mini steam train
Meet a talented football youth in China
10,000th China-Europe freight train of 2022 departs Xi'an
Latest tech exhibited at World Robot Conference in Beijing
'Ghost King Tide' in Qiantang River wows visitors
Elephant returns child's shoe with trunk at Chinese zoo
Cool! 8-year-old Chinese boy breaks rock climbing record
Which travel destination has surprised or frightened you the most?
Unbelievable! 92-year-old Chinese man shows formidable fitness
'Old Wisdom New Insights' is back for a new season
China's commercial rocket CERES-1 Y3 launches three satellites
'Round Table' host Heyang reads a romantic poem by Elaine Chett
'Read a Poem': Immortal Beloved, Beethoven's Love Letter
Read a Poem: 'I woke up to find myself in love with you so deeply'
Chinese Valentine's Day Special: Can you feel love in Dunhuang?
Nature's wonder! Rare 'crossing tide' in Qiantang River
Rare Wanvisa water lily blooms in Beijing
Chinese girl does ballet in her community for final exams
84-year-old Chinese man chases classical dance dream
How posh is glamping in China?
How did you spend your first paycheck?
One-legged Chinese man chases Paralympic dream
Touching! 10-year-old boy fans his sanitation worker mom
7-meter-high basket! Chinese man makes four shots in 15 seconds
6 doctors save heart attack victim with extended CPR
Memorable! Mother elephant and calf rescued from a drain in Thailand
China's Haiji-1 deepwater jacket project completes testing
Herds of horses gallop across the endless Zhaosu Prairie in Xinjiang
Kindhearted passerby helps push heavy load uphill
Chinese teacher skips rope Mongolian-style
Heroic police officer saves motorists submerged in floodwaters
Chinese girl fulfills dad's dream of watching flag-raising ceremony