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Tsinghua University students bring dance relay show to campus

Join dance challenge ahead of Paris 2024 Olympics

A day in Wuxi’s Nianhuawan tourist town

Indian poet impressed by unique handmade 'Indian panda'

Street dance lover from Tsinghua University joins dance challenge

Historical connections between Paris and the Summer Olympics

BRICS poets organize recitations during poetry festival

Excitement surrounds new sports at the Paris Olympics

A night tour of Wuxi's ancient canal

Experiencing a fresh breeze in Wuxi's Qingmingqiao on a hot summer day

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Global Watch Editor's Pick EP 28: Journey to the Moon

Wuhan Sports University student joins breaking challenge

Unboxing: How do new quality productive forces modernize industrialization?

Unboxing China's deepening reform in 60 seconds

China's high-tech impact at the Paris Olympics

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The 'invisible' jumping rope! Can you see the rope?

Show off your skills in CGTN's breaking challenge

Sneak peek of massive overseas Ancient Egypt exhibition opening in Shanghai soon

Show your dancing talent with confidence in CGTN's breaking challenge

AI expert on why Estonia has the most startups per capita in Europe

China's innovation ecosystem: Lessons for the world

China's iron fireworks go international

China's renewable energy: Local innovation, global impact

Young political expert says life in China 'like living 2050'

No one can choose their birthplace, but they can change its future

Welcome dance lovers to join CGTN's breaking challenge

From stereotypes to innovation: Young people's role in a digital age

Global Watch Editor's Pick EP27: Pacific gems

Qiqi: An ancient Chinese utensil symbolizing moderation and caution

Giving before getting: Fishing in the South China Sea

Show some cooperation with your partners in CGTN's breaking challenge

Italian journo talks about AI, admires China's smart cities

Try some breaking moves in CGTN's Dance for Peace global challenge

Shandong holds a special place in global intellectual history

'Best trip of my life': Italian journo recounts first visit to China

Feel the rhythm of breaking in CGTN's Dance for Peace global challenge

Australian influencers visit the Palace Museum

Bob Carr: U.S., EU protectionism can only slow down green transition

Armenian revisits China after 8 years and recalls fond memories

Japanese AI scientist surprised by China's people-oriented innovation

Seepage at Dongting Lake embankment under control

See breaking skills of AI dancers in CGTN's Dance for Peace global challenge

Why China? An American high-tech entrepreneur explains

French business school scholar stresses importance of visiting China

Italian magazine editor denies 'freedom' is taboo in China

Graham Allison: China, U.S. can avoid Thucydides Trap

Join the global breaking challenge ahead of Paris 2024 Olympics

Iranian tour guide becomes online influencer in China

Spectacular Mount Etna eruption in Sicily

Ties that Bind: Kazakh ministers talk about cooperation with China

Global Watch Editor's Pick Ep. 26: Tajikistan

SCO People in China: Iranian tour guide becomes an influencer in China

Joining SCO is like 'light in our future,' says Belarusian student

Russian living in China for 10 years travels around the country

Ukrainian-born Russian PhD student on youth's role in SCO

Kazakh youth optimistic about Kazakhstan Tourism Year in China

Surprise us with CGTN's Dance for Peace global breaking challenge

HKUST Web 3.0 Labs co-lead sees city as a global innovation, tech hub

Kazakh eye doctor brings light and hope

Things you probably did not know about Kazakhstan

Why this HK entrepreneur picked Shenzhen for business expansion

China helped EU in 2008. Is EU being reckless with EV tariffs?

HK's artistic freedom: 27 years on, still vibrant and unyielding

Iranian journalist: Iran's energy could boost economy within SCO

Turkish journalist: Türkiye aligns with SCO amid multipolar landscape

Pakistani journalist: SCO crucial in maintaining regional peace

Kazakhstani journalist: SCO represents the voice of middle powers

Indian geopolitical analyst: SCO stabilized Central Asia

Russian journalist: SCO drives world toward multipolar relations

Deliverymen in heartwarming relay of kindness

Having a blast at China-Eurasia Expo 2024 in Urumqi

Add your own elements to Dance for Peace global breaking challenge

Global tech firms laud Chinese market

Palm-weaved insects at Belt and Road International Skills Competition

Results of the 2nd Belt and Road International Skills Competition

China's emerging industry lead positive for global economy

China's emerging industries lead positive for global economy

Tariffs on Chinese EVs driven by election pressure in U.S.

PepsiCo global head 'blown away' by Chinese innovation ecosystem

German firm impressed by Chinese premier's innovation message

Join Dance for Peace global breaking challenge to welcome Paris 2024

Explore floristry at the Belt and Road International Skills Competition

Police dog helps seize over 10 kilograms of drugs in Yunnan

Confectionery at Belt and Road International Skills Competition

Who are competing at the BRI International Skills Competition?

Watch: Blindfolded chef chops cucumber on top of a balloon

Li Deren encourages youth to contribute to national, global progress

Challenge yourself in CGTN's Dance for Peace global breaking challenge

Physicist Xue Qikun encourages scientists to strengthen China

4 things to know about Belt and Road International Skills Competition

Global Watch Editor's Pick EP24: Shanghai International Film Festival

Breathtaking bird's-eye view of Xinjiang

University student joins Dance for Peace global breaking challenge

Watch China's peak summer harvest season

Brazilian scholar: China has no intention of being 'world policeman'

Watch: Shanghai-based lecturer's amazing classical Chinese dance

Meizhou floods cause power outages and isolate towns

Weaving dreams in Shaoxing

Try some energetic breaking moves in Dance for Peace global challenge

Dedication to public service: Father's influence on Xi Jinping

Global Watch Editor's Pick – Ep. 23: China's partnerships

Father's day exploration: A special gift card written with love

Check out this break dancing challenge at Peking University

Mirror of the Sky: East China's Pingtian Lake displays dreamy scenery

Kuaishou's Kling AI: The next big thing in text-to-video tech

Embracing the 'he' spirit of harmony for cross-civilization dialogue

Sports, music, podcasts help students with cross-cultural dialogue

China's highest-altitude dragon boat race held in Xizang

Sino-foreign universities and exchanges matter to future of humanity

Global Watch Editor's Pick Ep. 22: Save the oceans

Pakistani student: Traveling across China has changed my perception

Beyond planet Earth: China's modernization inspires Pakistani youth

Biggest 'gaokao' ever: China sets new record with 13.42m students

University lecturers offer tips for conquering 'world's toughest' exam

University girl's first time breakdancing

Enhancing your tea experience: the ancient tunes of the guqin

Military expert explains why China insists on non-alliance

Doubts over 'rule of law' mentioned by U.S., Philippines

Philippine official refuses to answer questions on South China Sea

Chinese defense minister meets with Singaporean counterpart

Chinese defense minister meets with Singaporean PM

Chinese defense minister meets U.S. counterpart in Singapore

Chinese Folk Tales: Friendship legend

Three things to know about Equatorial Guinea

Team up and show your skills in Breakdance Paris global challenge

World leaders reiterate commitment to one-China principle

Robot dogs showcased at China-Cambodia joint military exercise

Frigate Nantong joins military drills surrounding Taiwan island

Harvard bars 13 pro-Palestinian students from receiving degrees

B-boy crew joins CGTN's Breakdance Paris global challenge

PLA releases simulation animation of drills around Taiwan island

Ports hold significant weight in President Xi Jinping's mind

Amid waves of outcries about Gaza, Blinken's silence is deafening

Global Watch Editor's Pick Ep. 20: Amazing Xi'an

PLA Eastern Theater Command releases posters

Xinjiang project supplies over 770 billion kWh of electricity to 20 provinces

University street dance club members join #BreakdanceParis

Pingtan trip strengthens South Pacific reporters' ties with China

How Biden's new tariffs on China could harm everyone

Asoka trend ignites Chinese trend sparking latest cultural makeup sensation

Recalling talking to late Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi

University students join Breakdance Paris global challenge

Take a virtual tour of white porcelain at National Museum of China

Explore China visa-free via cruise ship!

B-boy duo showcase #BreakdanceParis routine

Enhancing your tea experience: blooming flowers

Enhancing your tea experience: guzheng melodies

Enhancing your tea experience: calming incense