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Chinese driver navigates narrow track on two wheels
Rainbow waterfall appears in Lhasa City, SW China
Analysis: What's behind Meng Wanzhou's extradition case?
It's not hard to become a millionaire – Ep. 2 Car Mechanic
How did people with HIV fare during the Wuhan lockdown?
Pro-Trump bots 'spread anti-China COVID-19 misinformation online'
It's not hard to become a millionaire – Ep. 1 Matsutake Beauty
English actor Mr. Pea reflects on lockdown life in Wuhan
UK education broker: I will miss everything about China
Ask China: How does China protect wild animals?
Key Messages of China's Government Work Report
Ask China: How does China protect the rights of 1.4 billion people?
Key messages of China's government work report
Xi: Wuhan and its people are heroic, made huge sacrifices
Xi Jinping: No one should be left behind on the road to prosperity
Where are U.S.-China relations headed?
Where are U.S.-China relations headed?
China will fully and faithfully implement 'One Country, Two Systems'
Premier Li: No specific economic growth target set for 2020
What's the state of China's economic recovery?
What's the state of China's economic recovery?
Dr. Fauci: U.S. COVID-19 death toll may be higher than reported
Cheeky! Crow can't stop pecking panda's bottom
Italian sketch artist: Never expected such connection with China
Huge flock of sheep overruns street amid COVID-19 lockdown in Turkey
Trump responds to a spike in people using disinfectant
How is life like after lockdown Ep.1: Suffering farmers
Indonesia: Can't stay at home? Welcome to the 'haunted house'
What do athletes do at home during quarantine?
Coronavirus: The poor are dying in NYC
German FM: it is an illusion to ask for compensation from China
American comedian advises foreigners to wear masks on BBC News
Timeline: How the White House wasted weeks in the COVID-19 battle
A year after blaze, Notre Dame restoration halted by COVID-19
Trump says he's not going to fire Fauci
Are overseas Chinese students really 'virus smugglers'?
Chinese people nationwide observe three minutes of silence
Exclusive: Tourists invite Xi Jinping to join them on a boat ride
Can foreigners get free treatment in China?
How 1.4 billion people fight COVID-19 Ep. 5: Is food delivery safe?
WHO: Wuhan provides hope for the rest of the world
'We stand with you,' Pakistani president tells China amid COVID-19
An old man wants to give up medical treatment to help younger people
What classifies as the turning point of the outbreak in Wuhan?
Italians play Chinese national anthem to thank China for its aid
World Health Organization declares COVID-19 a pandemic
Feeding 1.4 billion people under quarantine
Former CDC director: Provide test kits as soon as possible
Last request before being discharged: Let me see your face
How 1.4 billion people fight COVID-19 Ep. 2: A National Welfare System
Elderly man 'escapes' ICU ward to practice Tai Chi
ICU nurse: 'I want to tear off my suit and jump into the water'
How China contains COVID-19 for 1.4 billion – Ep.1
The elderly bask in the sunshine in private parking spaces
A group of many 'little doctors' has enormous power
Medics perform 'Swan Lake' for recovered COVID-19 patients
Chinese in Japan give out free masks to aid COVID-19 prevention
Touching moment: Boy gives a mask to elderly man on the street
Top scientists from around the world extend support to China
Chinese hand out free masks to Japanese people on street
Special skincare products help medics on coronavirus front line
Cooking is not the best option during the coronavirus outbreak
Hospital staff in Wuhan use sign language to care for COVID-19 patient
Don't disturb him, just let him have his fun
How online teaching affects teachers and students in a fun way
'Duck troops' gather at the border to face locust swarms
Baby learns to climb at home during coronavirus epidemic
Picking up packages like a spy during coronavirus outbreak
Firefighter calmly snuffs out flame during safety demonstration
Chinese girl receives a bouquet of masks and sanitizers
Beijing's subway remains empty amid coronavirus outbreak
University student performs sword dance after taking out the trash
Student prepares for postgrad exams at the makeshift hospital
1,000 employees of a Russian company chant 'Stay strong, Wuhan!'
Man dances after being released from 14-day quarantine
Patient dresses as a giraffe to get father's medicine in the hospital
First recovered patient donates plasma in Wuhan
Cured coronavirus patients urged to donate plasma to help others
A nurse leads patients in a dance at makeshift hospital in Wuhan
Cop takes a nap on break after working 17 days against coronavirus
Xi Jinping calls for firmer resolve in coronavirus fight
'Balcony divo' holds concert to entertain quarantined neighbors
Lee Hsien Loong: To exclude China because of the epidemic is illogical
Ready to use: Timeline of Huoshenshan Hospital's construction
Boy helps father pack emergency lights for Wuhan hospital construction
Dormitory wardens water students' plants, feed fish as holiday extends
Stranger leaves 500 face masks at east China police station
A quick quiz with CGTN's Li Dongning
Xi extends Chinese New Year greetings in visit to SW China
Xi Jinping makes traditional rice snacks with Wa ethnic people
Xi Jinping gives his New Year wishes to the Wa ethnic people
A Quick Quiz with CGTN's Liu Xin
A Quick Quiz with CGTN's Zou Yun
Chinese artist's exquisite eggshell sculptures
Red-crowned crane struggles to stand up on icy lake
Skilled Chinese cook makes Yin Yang soup
Mom interacts with 'Tom and Jerry' on TV to entertain daughter
88-year-old Chinese grandma plays whack-a-mole at birthday party
A chef's imagination knows no bounds
Annual winter fishing season starts on Chagan Lake, NE China
Film crew in China free wolf trapped in barbed wire
Art teacher draws incredibly realistic facial features on hand's back
Kindergarten teachers build snow maze for kids in China
Two-year-old boy sings along as his mum plays the piano
Chinese students take jumping rope to the next level
Dad warms baby daughter's IV drip with his mouth
How did giant pandas react to the earthquake?
Chubby mouse gets stuck in small hole in Chinese school bathroom wall
Talented Chinese woman transforms towel into miniature toy bear
Firefighters rescue dog trapped on roof of seven-story building
Wheelchair athlete easily scales a climbing wall
Chinese teenager 'dives' down narrow well six times to rescue toddler
Special training for Santas to welcome festive season
Social media influencers discuss how AI and 5G will influence media
Thousands of horses gallop through fields of snow in China
Is that a phoenix? Golden pheasants spotted in central China
Get a closer look at future 'news reading' at CGTN Global Media Summit
CGTN Global Media Summit · CCTV+VMF kicks off in Beijing
India's "fire haircut" becomes internet sensation
How does an AI editing program work?
Where can artificial intelligence be applied?
This is how Beijing residents welcomed early snow
Vox Pop: How do you feel about 'customized' news feed?
Gas station employees extinguish fire in just three minutes
Father pushes his daughter out of the way of a speeding vehicle
Exclusive: HK school principal on liberal education
Boy in Spider-Man suit has fun 'workout' with grandpa
Tourists queue up to sniff panda faeces at China's Wuhan Zoo
Smart panda uses peacock feather as toothpick
Firefighters rescue and 'babysit' injured deer after forest fire
Making leaf rubbings at a botanical garden in northwest China
Chinese firemen rescue woman and her son trapped in ice
Doctor saves elderly man who couldn't urinate
Students use bricks to warn drivers about open manhole
Sugar painting: The sweetest of Chinese folk arts
Many soldiers in PLA Hong Kong Garrison have special skills
47-ton art installation imitates moving horse in Dalian, NE China
Panda cub finds cosy spot in wicker basket
Frosty weather in Canada freezes soap bubble solid
Panda collection: It's good to have someone to grow up with!
NW China's real-tumbler show: 'Fairy maiden is holding my hand!'
'Don't go!': Young panda cub is extremely attached to its keeper
Check your health and appearance with this 'magic mirror'
'There are many mysteries to be decoded in the Palace Museum'
At first, I thought it was public display of affection, but then...
Get a feel for the future with KIA's concept car
Meet the robot that can pick up needles
Mascot promoter is so chill people come to get flyers themselves
'Nemo' clownfish love sea anemone
Special award ceremony hosted for substitute players