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University freshmen practice dance skills during military training
47-year-old cleaning lady breakdances in her neighborhood
PE, music teachers cooperate to make 'Mongolian morning dance'
First Secretary: Life is better when you overcome struggles
Village official shares how poverty alleviation work improved him
Bosten Lake: China's Western Sea
Exploring the wetland park in Taklamakan Desert
China's Western Wonders: Jiaohe Ruins
Bounds with a remote village: To not only give but to care
The ruins of Luntai ancient city in NW China
Drone footage: diversifolious poplar in Xinjiang, NW China
Aerial footage: Ruins of Niya in NW China's Taklamakan Desert
Village official relocates poor families and repair houses
Aerial footage: Travels in the Taklamakan Desert
'Nine turns and 18 bends' on Bayanbulak Grassland
Amazing drone footage of Altash Water Conservancy Project
Women in SW China use isatis root to dye textiles
Aerial views of Kashgar, a place where old meets new
China's western wonders: Kizil Thousand-Buddha Caves
The story of the pagoda on Chinese takeout boxes
A magnificent view of Tianshan Grand Canyon
Growing vegetables on Qinghai-Tibet Railway?
The charming landscape of Nalati Grassland
Looking up at the night sky over China's Bayanbulak Grassland
Amazing Xinjiang: Tekes Bagua City
Zhaosu County: 'Home to sky's horses' in Xinjiang
Aerial Footage: Explore the colorful Liuxing Street, Yining City
Fast and Curious Ep.3: World’s deepest high-speed railway station?
Aerial Footage: Explore the colorful Liuxing Street in Yining City
A folk song about a love story from Xinjiang's Kazakh
Stunning scene of a flax farm in Zhaosu County, NW China's Xinjiang
Time-lapse video captures the gorgeous view of Zhaosu Grassland
A 360 degree view of Guizhou's poverty alleviation 'road'
Time-lapse views of mystical Tekes River in Xinjiang
The beauty of Muzart Glacier in Xinjiang
Sayram Lake: Atlantic Ocean's last teardrop
A sky full of stars in Zhaosu, Xinjiang
Stunning scenery of Yaze Lake
Breathtaking panorama of Hemu Village in Kanas, Xinjiang
'Ghost Town' in Xinjiang offers wondrous landscapes
Amazing drone footage of the mysterious Kanas Lake in Xinjiang
Time-lapse video captures breathtaking beauty of Shenxianwa, Xinjiang
The magnificent skyline of Kuoksu Canyon in Xinjiang
Fast and Curious Ep.1: Fun facts about China's high-speed railway
Time-lapse video captures autumn hues and mist in Xinjiang's Kanas
Stunning time-lapse captures clouds rolling over mountains in Kanas
Amazing time-lapse photography of Hemu Village in Kanas, Xinjiang
The beauty of Fish-Watching Pavilion in Kanas
Time-lapse views of restful Baihaba Village
Seattle police officer on bike runs over protester's head
American flags at Washington Monument to memorialize COVID-19 victims
Turkish YouTuber takes 'airbed' to the next level
32-year city-to-city cooperation reduces China's education gap
How does tourism lift people out of poverty in south China?
Downy grapes boost local economy in south China
Is Karamay bubble a replica of Chicago bean?
Wild pelican lifts Beirut diners' spirits
The scenery from Kanas to Burqin
Amazing Xinjiang: The unique Karamay Yardang Ghost Town
Intelligent farm in poor SW China county grows delicious black fungus
Donald Trump admits downplaying consequences of COVID-19
Four-year-old falls off window, rescued by neighbors with a blanket
Amazing Xinjiang: Wooden houses in Hemu Village
Amazing Xinjiang: A sneak peek at Kanas Lake
Amazing Xinjiang: Enjoy the scenery along the way to Koktokay
Have you seen an Altay sheep before?
Austrian breaks world record by dipping in ice for 150 minutes
China's alpine strawberry plantation lifts villagers out of poverty
Making traditional Tibetan breakfast Zanba
How many acres of land a Tibetan farmer owns
Daily life of Tibetan lamas
Tashi Lhamo and her baby cows
A Long White Silk Cloth: Hada
Making Tibetan incenses
A wander in Lhasa: Why are the windows in Tibet trapezoidal?
A wander in Lhasa: Where exactly is the center of Lhasa?
A wander in Lhasa: Do different ethnic groups get along in Tibet?
147 homes built for mountain villagers in China's anti-poverty drive
Memories of Tibet: A coming-of-age gift
Memories of Tibet: A coming-of-age gift
Memories of Tibet: Build a relationship with your horse
Memories of Tibet: A Shepherd Gift from Tashi Lhamu
Memories of Tibet: Handwritten Sanskrit mantra
Memories of Tibet: Prayer Wheel and Wood Carving
A breathtaking adventure on the ice field
Local homestay owner: Welcome to Yamdrok Lake, Tibet
College professor creates noodle factory to end poverty
Tibet Tips: What's nomads' life like in Tibet?
It's not hard to become a millionaire – Ep.7 Chicken Commander
Leading a village out of poverty with collective economic projects
How to become an internet celebrity with millions of followers?
High-altitude challenge: Working out at 4,100m in Tibet
New semester wishes from high school seniors in Tibet
Tibet Tips: Do you know world's third largest glacier is in Tibet?
Tibet Tips: Did you know world's third largest glacier is in Tibet?
Quick questions on how to become a Gesar narrator
Quick questions about the Epic of King Gesar
Knowledge behind the circumambulation of a Stupa
The Famous Qiangba Buddha in Tibet
Classifications of the Tibetan Buddhist Academy
What can you see at a monastery in Tibet?
Precious memories about Linka
Sharing Tibetan local food
Having Sweet Tea in Tibet
Trump: Sell my autograph and you'll get $10,000
How are Yiong Tibetan Knives crafted?
'Education is the most fundamental way out of poverty'
Khesum: The first village to end serfdom in Tibet
Tibet Tips: Do you know how to protect Potala Palace?
Spanish vlogger discovers Tibet: Are people happy here?
Do you know where is the birthplace of the Tibetan civilization?
Watch CGTN reporters experience their first Tibetan language class
Get a bird's-eye view of Tibet's first palace
It's not hard to become a millionaire - Ep. 6 Mountain Flavor
Trump says NBA has become 'a political organization'
Let us take you to Mount Qomolangma!
CGTN wood stamp carved by a Nyemo County carving artisan
AG50 successfully completes maiden flight in Jingmen City
Lake Namtso: Stunning aerial view of world's highest salt lake
CGTN reporters jam with Tibetan musicians
Do you know what's the life like for being a 'Living Buddha?'
Do you know how Tibetan tea is produced?
Interviewing and exchanging gifts with Living Buddha Khyungpo in Tibet
What does a $100,000 Tibetan knife look like?
In old Tibet's noble families' manors, why are doors so small?
Heartwarming moment: Firefighters rescue a stray cat with a broken leg
China launches new optical remote-sensing satellite Gaofen-9 05
Tibet Tips: Do you know how big is the largest indoor Buddha?
Hold on tight! Tibetan horse riders showcase dazzling skills
Picnicking in Lhasa: Celebrating Shoton Festival in Tibetan style
Giant panda Mei Xiang gives birth to fourth cub at U.S. National Zoo
Tibet tips: Do you know toilets were never cleaned in Potala Palace?
70-year-old grandma makes old clothes fashionable again
Premier Li visits flood-hit villagers in Chongqing, SW China
Tibet tips: Do you know the wall of Potala Palace tastes sweet?
Chongqing hit by severe flooding
Chinese naval crew put on fireproof suit in 39 seconds in the dark
It's not hard to become a millionaire - Ep. 5 Smiling Shirley
Michelle Obama: Trump 'wrong' and 'over his head'
Leshan Giant Buddha flooded up to toes due to incessant rain
Chinese soldiers sharpen combat capabilities on mountainous plateau
Chinese soldiers save beached dolphin while training by the sea
Amazing 3D landscape paintings made from tens of thousands of nails
Fighting floods with high tech: How drones save people from floods
Drone rescues people trapped by floods in SW China
China's latest amphibious bridging vehicle completes first training
Fortune Global 500 is now more Chinese than American
Fruit ninja master
The art of casting a net
The highest state of chowhound