Chinese President Xi Jinping praised the China-Swiss relationship on Monday, the second day of his state visit to the alpine nation. Speaking alongside Swiss President Doris Leuthard at a press conference in Bern, he said the two nations will maintain close high-level exchanges, and deepen cooperation in trade, technology, finance, and people-to-people exchanges.


2017-01-16 21:19 GMT+8

More Chinese banks have entered the Swiss market, boosting the presence of the Chinese yuan in the world's largest offshore financial center. The Construction Bank of China in January 2016 became the first Chinese bank to open a branch in Switzerland. As Chinese investments increase in Switzerland, business for Chinese banks is also on the rise.
It has been almost 40 years since Elvis Presley died. However, the memory of "the King of rock and roll" lives on in the rural Australian town of Parkes. With an air of Las Vegas glamor, thousands of people took to the streets to attend the 25th annual Elvis parade.
Swiss innovator and adventurer Raphael Domjan plans to pilot a solar-powered aircraft into the stratosphere. The SolarStratos plane is designed to fly higher than any commercial aircraft using renewable energy. CGTN’s Hou Na has more.