China has expressed strong dissatisfaction over Washington's decision to launch a probe into allegations of “intellectual property malpractice” in the country, the Ministry of Commerce said on Monday. 


2017-08-21 15:53 GMT+8


Colombians in the city of Itagui hauled mattresses and hammocks into the streets on Sunday to mark the annual "World Laziness Day," a quirky effort to urge overstressed workers to slow down.
South Korean peace activists gathered in front of the presidential office and the US embassy in the capital Seoul on Monday to protest against the countries' decision to go ahead with their annual military exercises against a backdrop of rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula.
World Record in Mexico: Largest number of people barbecuing. Amateur chefs took to their barbecue grills in Ciudad Juarez on Saturday to set a new Guinness World Record of the largest number of people cooking meat at one time. The "asado" tradition, particularly strong in north Mexico, is an opportunity to reunite friends and family, the organizer of the event says.

11:11, 08 21 2017 GMT+8

Military training for middle school students sparks controversy

21:08, 08 20 2017 GMT+8

"Doll Doctor" gives broken toys a second shot at life

19:57, 08 20 2017 GMT+8

Midnight at the oasis: Splash of green at Yueya Spring

14:27, 08 20 2017 GMT+8

Mickey Mouse vs Minions: A promotion battle between two Chinese sharing bike brands

07:58, 08 20 2017 GMT+8

Bald mountain reused by technology