Thousands of delegates from South Africa's governing ANC party have begun a conference that will choose a new leader at a pivotal moment in the country's post-apartheid history.


2017-12-16 21:39 GMT+8


Days after being elected unopposed, India's Nehru-Gandhi scion Rahul Gandhi took over as the country's main opposition Indian National Congress party chief on Saturday. At a function held in Delhi, the 47-year-old assumed the reins of the Congress from his mother Sonia Gandhi, who had been the president of the 132-year-old political party since 1998.
The death toll has risen to three after a 6.5-magnitude earthquake on Java Island late Friday. A hospital in Banyumas suffered damage, forcing 70 patients to be moved to temporary shelters. At least 900 houses were also damaged. Aid is being distributed and temporary tents have been set up. Due to its position on the Pacific "Ring of Fire”, Indonesia experiences frequent seismic and volcanic activity.
Festive Nordic decorations complete with a family of glass mirror penguins are on display on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower as the holiday season gets into full swing in Paris.

21:41, 12 16 2017 GMT+8

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21:25, 12 16 2017 GMT+8

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Japan launches first 'drive-thru' funeral service, allowing infirm relatives to participate without leaving cars

20:15, 12 16 2017 GMT+8

Figure skating stars take to the ice in Beijing

18:54, 12 16 2017 GMT+8

Australia’s first legal same-sex wedding takes place in Sydney