The death toll in a militant attack on a mosque in Egypt's north Sinai region has risen to 235, Egyptian state television reported, quoting the public prosecutor.
"It's not a civil war, but a war on terror. Assad is a hero because he stood his ground, and thank God we are witnessing a defeat of terrorism," said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's political and media counselor Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban in an interview with CGTN, making a string of tough remarks in defense of her government's 6-year-long fighting. But besides the rhetorics, as the next round of peace talks are due to take place, would Syria make any compromise and concessions in a bid to end the bloodshed?
A spinning ice circle was formed in a partially frozen river in Hulun Buir City in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. A vortex created by the tributary made the ice flow in a circular pattern, rotating the disc of ice approximately four meters in diameter. Tourists came to watch this extraordinary scene, posing and taking photos.

18:33, 11 24 2017 GMT+8

Raccoon Jacky: The world's first raccoon to get a pacemaker

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A smiling face spotted in Ethiopian volcano

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Hong Kong lights up for Lumieres festival

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Visually-impaired students touch history

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Miao ethnic group celebrates traditional New Year in SW China