‍Chinese Premier Li Keqiang began his Saturday in Sydney in a relaxed setting after a series of trade talks this week, prior to the end of his five-day Australian trip.


2017-03-25 21:59 GMT+8

As the company responsible for the salvage operation of the wreckage of South Korea’s Sewol Ferry, Shanghai Salvage Company found the mission to be the most difficult operations in salvage history. The size of the corroded vessel and the dangerous currents in the area have posed huge difficulties. This animation shows each stage of the mission to help you better understand the whole process.
London Mayor Sadiq Khan said on Thursday that people "must not cower" and "allow terrorists to succeed" in destroying their way of life, a day after four people were killed in an attack outside the Houses of Parliament. “We are the greatest city in the world. This is not the first time terrorists have tried to destroy our way of life, it's not the first time they have killed Londoners. But I tell you what, we have shown in the past we are resilient, we have shown we are not going to allow them to cower, so we are going to show them that again today,” Khan said.
South African’s Cape Town has held annual carnival festivities in celebration of its diverse communities and cultures. The theme of the 2017 Cape Town carnival was "Ocean Odyssey." Over 2,000 costumed dancers and musicians performed at the event. Chinese performers took part in the occasion for the first time.